Choco Pro 6 Results 4/20/20

Choco Pro 6 results from Tokyo, Japan at Ichigaya Chocolate Square on 4/20/20 and live on YouTube

Sayaka Obihiro vs. Antonio Honda 

Honda got the pin with an inside cradle. If you’ve never seen Honda in action before, imagine comedy actors John Ritter, Benny Hill and Rowan Atkinson if they were pro wrestlers. Obihiro got him in a sleeper but he used his Fox hand gesture to bite her arm to let him go. She then made a hand and arm gesture like a snake to “fight” his Fox. They did a super slow motion battle and it looked like a cheesy 1970s to early 1980s Kung Fu movie fight scene.

Yuna Mizumori vs. Tokiko Kirihara 

Mizumori got the pin after the running splash off the wall. This was wild at times with Kirihara attacking Mizumori before the start and throwing her right into the camera. Before the finish, Mizumori scooped her up and ran with her to slam her up against the wall.

Mei Suruga vs. Baliyan Akki 

Akki got the pin by reversing a roll up. The story was Suruga knew she was at a big height and weight disadvantage so she was relentlessly all over Akki with quick moves and hardly let up. At one point she actually got him in a bow and arrow but her shoulder were out of the mat area so referee Emi Sakura broke it up. Later, she got Akki in a figure eight but he was able to touch the wall for it to be broken up. This was “student vs. teacher” in more ways than one. Akki teaches her English lessons which have been shown on the Gatoh Move YouTube channel.

Emi Sakura won the janken tournament.

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