Critically Acclaimed Santino Bros Wrestling School Closes

Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy has closed down their gym in Bell Gardens, California due to the virus pandemic. They didn’t want to keep paying money for rent on a place that they can longer use at the moment as many California events are expected to continue to be shut down until next year if Governor Newsom has his way. The highly respected school opened in 2008.

In recent years they have trained, or followed up in training, several big top names on the pro wrestling scene. Jake Atlas (now in NXT), Kathy Campanelli (aka Kat Marino in NXT), Eli Everfly, Delilah Doom, Brody King (now in ROH), Douglas James, Heather Monroe, Sarah The Rebel (aka Razor in WOW), Ruby Raze, and Viva Van just to name a few. Some students became trainers at the school and others continued to return after they graduated to teach new classes.

The school is known for its honesty and transparency as well as its world class training. They constantly post up several of their lessons on YouTube to give pro wrestling tips for potential new students to know exactly what they’re getting into before they sign up and also learn a little bit of the basics at home.

Santino Bros Wrestling was running full wrestling events at the gym to give students experience in front of a crowd. The shows had gained in popularity to the point they set up TV screens out front so fans who couldn’t get into the sold out shows could still watch from outside. The SBW Championship (currently held by Ray Rosas) and SBW Submission Championship (currently held by Cameron Gates) are the titles recognized.

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