Ice Ribbon IW19 Tournament Continues On 5/2/20 And 5/4/20

Ice Ribbon will have two more upcoming live streaming shows featuring the tournament for the vacant IW19 Title on 5/2/20 and 5/4/20. Both shows will air at 5:30am EST and once again simulcast on YouTube and Nico Video with the full cards to be announced during the pre-show. (Keep in mind these event broadcasts only stay up for a limited free time on YouTube and then they move to Nico)

Here are the tournament matches to come:

A Block

Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Hamuko Hoshi

Hiragi Kurumi vs. Risa Sera

Tsukushi advanced last week to the 3-Way A Block semifinals with a win over Mochi Miyagi.

B Block

Maya Yukihi vs. Matsuya Uno

Suzu Suzuki vs. Akane Fujita

Satsuki Totoro advanced to the 3-Way B Block semifinals with a win last week over Thekla.

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