Ice Ribbon IW19 Tournament Opening Day Results 4/25/20

Ice Ribbon results of the opening day tournament for the vacant IW19 Title (Internet Wrestling Title) from Saitama, Japan 🇯🇵 at the dojo and a live simulcast no fans show on YouTube and Nico Video 

The card will be announced during the pre-show, but here are the tournament Blocks. All tournament matches have a 19-minute time limit and a 19 count out rule. The Over The Top Rope rule is also in effect. If matches go to a draw, it will be decided by fan votes on the live streams:

A Block

Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Hamuko Hoshi

Risa Sera vs. Kurumi Hiragi

Tsukushi vs. Mochi Miyagi

B Block

Maya Yukihi vs. Uno Matsuya

Suzu Suzuki vs. Akane Fujita

Thekla vs. Satsuki Totoro

Tequila Saya and Yappy are the Japanese and English language broadcast team. 

Thekla vs. Satsuki Totoro in B Block Tournament Match 

Totoro got the pin after a diving senton. This really picked up in the middle. Thekla did the Bray Wyatt/Linda Blair bit of walking on all fours backwards and then twisted around to deliver a spear.

Uno Matsuya and Hamuko Hoshi vs. Risa Sera and Tsukasa Fujimoto 

Fujimoto pinned Matsuya after the Venus Shoot. All kinds of action towards the end with lots of innovative double teams and near falls. At one point Sera had Matsuya up in a fireman’s carry in the corner and Fujimoto jumped off the top rope and used Matsuya as a springboard to give Hoshi a flying crossbody press.

Mochi Miyagi vs. Tsukushi in an A Block Tournament Match

Tsukushi got the pin with a kasadora. Fast paced and physical match. They brawled on the floor at the start. Tsukushi tried to ram Miyagi’s face into the wall but Miyagi put her foot up to block it and ended up putting a hole in the wall. Miyagi kicked out of a diving double stomp and three standing double stomps in a row. Tsukushi kicked out of a Thez Press.

After the match, Tsukushi went over to the announcers desk for an interview. She brought out a cardboard homemade copy of the IW19 Title and said she already considered herself the champion.

The show ended with a close up of the hole that Miyagi made in the wall. 

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