Impact Wrestling “Rebellion”’ pt. 2 Results 4/28/20: Nevaeh Debuts

Impact Wrestling “Rebellion” part 2 results from Nashville, Tennessee airing on AXS TV on 4/28/20 (a no fans show taped a few weeks ago):

Suicide vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju vs. Trey

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are the announcers.

Bey got the pin on Raju after a kick to the back of the head just as Raju was about to pin Suicide and Trey was tossed to the floor.

Mathews said they will have messages from World Champion Tessa Blanchard and Michael Elgin over the title controversy. He acknowledged that Blanchard is now living in Mexico. Last week, Elgin said that he should be champion since Blanchard and Eddie Edwards were not able to be there to have the 3-Way Title Match because of the virus pandemic causing travel issues.

Mathews interviewed Blanchard via split screen cam. It was a very short interview. She said she’s sorry she can’t be there but she’s using the time to better herself mentally and physically. She said Elgin makes bold claims and she’d like to shut him up. She said to be the man you have to beat the man, even if the man is a woman.

A video aired of Joey Ryan talking about toxic masculinity with The Deaners in Impact. Ryan’s gimmick is about “cancel culture” and a rip off of Right To Censor in the early 2000s WWF.

Joseph P. Ryan vs. Cousin Jake

Ryan got the pin by holding the ropes.

Rosemary was shown in a bar complaining about being put into a Full Metal Mayhem Match. She was talking to Taya Valkyrie on her cellphone camera but you couldn’t really hear Valkyrie. The stip was originally supposed to have Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Valkyrie but neither were there either because of the virus pandemic.

A video and promo was shown of Havok reading a fairytale about her history with Rosemary.

Havok vs. Rosemary in a Full Metal Mayhem Match

Rosemary got the pin after using a lead pipe as a weapon to Havok’s face and shoulder.

Havok uses a stapler on Rosemary early on.

Rosemary recovered and starting hitting Havok with metal street signs as part of the plunder. She followed up by using a big chain to choke her out in the corner of the ring. Havok was able to pull her towards her to deliver a back breaker as Rosemary wasted too much time talking and taunting at her.

Havok put a trash can lid over Rosemary’s face and gave her a face wash.

Rosemary was able to get control of the long chain again and tripped up Havok to send her face first into a chair set up in the ring. She went to the floor and used the chain to whip Havok around inside the ring.

Suddenly the camera panned to a woman standing in the entranceway. It was Nevaeh (aka Hazard in WOW). She’s an underrated regular on the Midwest indie scene both in singles and as the tag team partner of Havok (they are currently RISE Tag Team Champions). She’s married to Jake Crist. Rayne said she knew who Nevaeh was but Mathews didn’t and he kept asking how to pronounce her name. Nevaeh and Rayne (as Ashley Lane) are former SHIMMER Tag Team Champions but it wasn’t mentioned.

Rosemary dragged Havok to the floor with her but Havok was able to get control. They battled back and forth then Rosemary hit her with the trash can and brought her back in the ring.

Havok was able to chokeslam Rosemary between two chairs but she kicked out. Havok screamed in frustration and started choking her until Rosemary was able to reach for the pipe and hit her to break it up.

There was no interference from Nevaeh as Mathews continued to wonder who she was.

New X-Division Champion Willie Mack (with Rich Swann) was interviewed backstage. Johnny Swinger interrupted and said he wants a title shot.

Michael Elgin was interviewed backstage and said he still vows to become World Champion tonight despite Blanchard and Edwards not being there to have the match.

Elgin came to the ring. He said he’s been in Impact a year now with the goal to become World Champion. He called for a referee to come out and raise his hand and he demanded ring announcer David Penzer come in the ring to announce him as the new champion.

Before Penzer could finish the announcement, the lights went out. When they came back on it was Moose coming to the ring with the old TNA World Title around his waist. He told Elgin that Edwards wasn’t there and Blanchard is holding the Impact World Title hostage in Mexico. He said he’s a also a World Champion and challenged Elgin.

Elgin said he has respect for the old TNA letters, but this is now Impact. He told Moose to take his comedy act to the back.

Hernandez then came out and challenged them both to a match for running down TNA.

Michael Elgin vs. Moose vs. Hernandez

Mathews stressed that Moose isn’t the TNA World Champion despite what he’s trying to claim. It is not a recognized title in Impact Wrestling.

Moose got the pin after the spear. He pulled  the referee out of the ring just as Elgin was about to pin Hernandez with an Elgin Bomb. Elgin gave Moose a drop kick to the outside and went to the floor to argue with the referee and then got hit by a Hernandez dive. Everyone was laid out on the floor for a while then Hernandez rolled Moose back into the ring and got caught with the spear.

Mathews wondered if the win now puts Moose in line as a contender for Tessa Blanchard. Rayne wondered if Blanchard would now be challenging for the TNA World Title. Moose made Penzer announce him as TNA World Champion.

It’s probably not a good idea for Impact to try to resurrect the infamously tainted and dead TNA brand, but here we are with a TNA Title storyline.

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