Choco Pro #13 Results 5/13/20

Choco Pro results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Ichigaya Chocolate Square on 5/13/20 and live on YouTube:

Baliyan Akki vs. Sayaka Obihiro vs. Emi Sakura 

Sakura pinned Obihiro with a La Magistral Cradle.

                         Antonio Honda and Mei Suruga vs. Yuna Mizumori and Minoru Fujita 

Suruga got the pin on Mizumori after all four wrestlers collided into each other. It’s the first Choco Pro win for Suruga. She will face Fujita in a singles match on 5/17.

Fujita won the janken tournament to win the chocolate prize.

The next show are 5/17 at 9pm EST, 5/22 at 7am EST, 5/24 at 9pm EST, 5/27 at 7am EST, and 5/30 (time to be announced later). Akki said they are doing as many shows as they can with the changing virus pandemic situation and they might be lucky to do only one show next month.

Shannon Walsh @WrestlingDemons