Dragon Gate “King Of Gate 2020” Day 4 Results 5/22/20

Dragon Gate results of  “King Of Gate 2020” tournament (Day 4) from Kobe, Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ at Lapis Hall on 5/22/20 and live on Dragon Gate Network https://dragongate.live/

These are the second round matches of the A Block:

YAMATO pinned Kzy after the Galleria in 14:22.

Diamante pinned Yosuke Saint Maria with Vuelta Finale in 8:05.

K-ness and Gamma beat Konomama Ishikawa and Shachihoko Machine in bonus match when K-Ness pinned Ishikawa after a chair shot attempt backfired in 12:22. There were a few comedy restarts/rematches beforehand. Ishikawa pinned K-ness in just a few seconds, then he pinned Gamma in a few seconds. Gamma then pinned him in a few seconds after an Axe Bomber.

The B Block second round is on 5/23/20 at 12pm Japan Time (11pm EST tonight).

Shannon Walsh @WrestlingDemons