Dragon Gate “King Of Gate” Day 3 Results 5/17/20

Dragon Gate “King Of Gate 2020” tournament Day 3 results featuring the C Block matches from Kobe, Japan 🇯🇵 at Lapis Hall on 5/17/20 live on Dragon Gate Network https://dragongate.live/

Ben-K pinned Kagetora after a spear in 11:04.

Eita pinned Strong Machine J after the Imperial Uno in 14:21

Kazma Sakamoto pinned Masaaki Mochizuki after the Plus Driver in 15:18.

Dragon Dia pinned Takashi Yoshida with the Reptilian Rana in 8:27.

The tournament will resume this weekend and include non-tournament tag team matches with the following schedule:

A Block on 5/22/20 (11pm EST on 5/21)
Yosuke Santa Maria vs. Diamante
Kzy vs. YAMATO
Gamma and K-ness vs. Konomama Ichikawa and Shachihoko Machine

B Block on 5/23/20 (11pm EST on 5/22)
Keisuke Okuda vs. Kaito Ishida
KAI vs. Naruki Doi
Ho Ho Lun and Super Shisa vs. Problem Dragon and Jimmy

C Block on 5/24/20 (11pm EST on 5/23)
Eita vs. Ben K
Dragon Dia vs. Kazma Sakamoto
Masato Yoshino, Don Fujii, and Yasushi Kanda vs. Punch Tominaga, Kota Minoura, and Oji Shiiba

Shannon Walsh @WrestlingDemons