Ice Ribbon IW19 Tournament Day 3 Results 5/9/20

Ice Ribbon results from Saitama, Japan 🇯🇵 at the dojo on 5/9/20 and simulcast live on YouTube and Nico Video featuring the tournament for the vacant IW19 Title:

Tequila Saya and Yappy announced it was supposed to be Akane Fujita vs. Suzu Suzuki today in a tournament B Block Match but Fujita has been suffering from a previous injury and can’t compete. Suzuki wins by default to advance to the B Block 3-way semifinals. No actual tournament matches will take place today because of that change in the line up.

Hamuko Hoshi and Thekla vs. Nao Ishikawa and Kurumi Hiiragi

Thekla submitted Ishikawa to a face lock.

Another big change of plans. Yappy said her match coming up next vs. Suzu Suzuki will no be a replacement B Block Match in the IW19 Tournament. Thekla took over in the English commentary spot so Yappy could get ready.

Yappy vs. Suzu Suzuki in an impromptu IW19 Tournament B Block Match 

Suzuki got the pin with a German Suplex to officially advance to the B Block semifinals.

Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Ibuki Hoshi

Fujimoto won by submission with the straight jacket Camel Clutch. Fujimoto brought Hoshi over to the announcers desk in the post-match promo. She gave her a pep talk on the loss and patted her on the head.

Yappy returned to English commentary for the main event.

Risa Sera and Tsukushi vs. Satsuki Totoro and Maya Yukihi 

Yukihi got the pin on Tsukushi after a Tiger Driver in 12:33.

They celebrated Totoro’s birthday to close the show.

Just a reminder that the show on YouTube only remains posted for a limited time then it moves to Nico for a monthly pay subscription where you can watch over 1,000 Ice Ribbon events on VOD.

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