Ice Ribbon Results 5/23/20

Ice Ribbon #1042 results from Saitama, Japan 🇯🇵 on 5/23/20 and live on YouTube and Nico Video:

At the very top of the show Tsukasa Fujimoto, Tsukushi, and Maya Yukihi were somberly lined up. Fujimoto spoke and made the announcement of Hana Kimura’s death. They all did a bow in respect.

Tequila Saya and Thekla are the announcers. Yappy is off this week but she sent me a note today to tell me that fans can watch the first match of Wednesday’s “P’s Party” for free on Nico to test it out. It $5 a month for the service to see the whole shows. It starts at 6:30am EST.

Ibuki Hoshi pinned Banny Oikawa with a roll up.

Risa Sera pinned Nao Ishikawa after a double knee drop. Ishikawa did get in some offense for a couple near falls.

Tsukushi and Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Thekla and Hamuko Hoshi when Tsukushi pinned Thekla after a diving double stomp. Thekla was on her way to giving Tsukushi the “spider spear” but Fujimoto drop kicked at the last minute to stop it.

IW19 Title Tournament B Block Semifinals: Suzu Suzuki vs. Satsuki Totoro vs. Maya Yukihi (winner faces Hamuko Hoshi for the vacant title)

Yukihi got the pin on Totoro after the swanton bomb. Totoro eliminated Suzuki about ten minutes into the match by tying her hands with zip ties on the guardrail to get the count out. Hoshi had a brief stare down with Yukihi afterwards. Nobody came out to untie Suzuki when it was over. She kicked at Yukihi as she was walking to the announcer desk for the post-match interview.

Shannon Walsh @WrestlingDemons