Impact Wrestling Results 5/12/20: #1 con. Tournament Begins

Impact Wrestling results from Nashville, Tennessee on 5/12/20 airing on AXS TV. It was taped a few weeks ago:

Tonight begins the first round of the #1 con. Tournament for the Impact Wrestling World Title currently held by Tessa Blanchard.

Self-proclaimed TNA World Champion Moose interrupted the opening video and the voiceover announcer. He demanded to be given a big voiceover introduction for himself. The voiceover announcer called him a future NFL Hall of Famer and an all-star in every sport. They showed past interview clips from TNA of Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Bobby Roode to make it look like they were putting Moose over. The voiceover announcer compared him to AJ Styles, Sting, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy with old TNA footage of those guys shown as past TNA World Champions. It came across as Moose and Impact trying to “rub elbows” with the now current WWE and AEW stars. Old interview clip of Hulk Hogan, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett closed the segment out with the voiceover announcer calling the TNA World Title the most prestigious championship. Another voiceover announcer then came on and said this whole thing was a “paid advertisement” by Moose, with Moose saying “I’m Moose and I approve this message”.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are once again the announcers.

Madman Fulton (with Dave and Jake Crist) vs. Hernandez in a #1 con. Tournament Match 

Hernandez got the pin after a top rope slash when Fulton failed to give him a superplex. The Crists interfered during the match. Hernandez slingshot them both in the ring at the same time to beat them up. He picked up Jake and gave him The Border Toss right on Fulton.

Michael Elgin cut a promo backstage. He said he should still be the #1 con. and he couldn’t believe Impact was even having this tournament. He said he will go through everyone and send some people to the hospital.

Fulton and The Crist Brothers were shown arguing backstage. Crazzy Steve walked up and laughed at them. He said it looked like OVE is O-V-E-R. They challenged him to a match for next week. Joey Ryan overheard the conversation and told Steve that the word “crazy” is now considered offensive. Steve just looked at him with confusion.

Kylie Rae vs. Tasha Steelz

Mathews and Rayne said Steelz is now another new member to the Knockouts Division.

Rae got the win with her STF submission finish she calls Smile To The Finish. This was a solid pure technical wrestling match as you would expect between these two.

Rohit Raju did a fiery promo backstage. He said the tournament is providing him a great opportunity because management and the fans have disrespected him by thinking he’s a joke. He said he’s been with the company for three years but they haven’t made him a T-shirt. He said there is no more Desi Hit Squad and he’s going in alone.

Kylie Rae was backstage cooling off after her win. Suzy (aka Su Yung’s alter ego) walked up to introduce herself in friendly fashion. Impact Wrestling confirmed that Su Yung re-joined the company with a new contract this week.

Kimber Lee vs. Havok

Lee got the pin after punching Havok with a pair of brass knuckles the referee didn’t see. Nevaeh was once again shown watching Havok near the ramp but she didn’t interfere.

They aired a video package on Kiera Hogan. It seems like they are rebuilding her after a couple years of her character being in the role of a side kick/best friend to a few of the other Knockouts.

Ken Shamrock was the Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger. Michael Elgin burst into the room during the interview and violently attacked Shamrock. He said “the championship’s mine, Ken” and smashed two chairs over his face.

Sami Callihan did a grainy video message to hype up his tournament match vs. Elgin taking place next week.

Rohit Raju vs. Trey in a #1 con. Tournament Match

Trey got the pin with an inside cradle after blocking Raju’ second spinning neck breaker attempt. It looked like Raju was going to win after he caught Trey coming off the top with a jumping knee shot and then a spinning neck breaker. He threw a tantrum in the ring afterwards and Mathews said he may never get another title shot opportunity with this loss.

Video was shown of Cody Deaner at home trying to deal with being in quarantine.

Impact Tag Team Champions The North (Josh Alexander and Ethan Page) vs. The Smoes (#1 and #2) 

The North got the win by pinning Smoe #2. This was another match taped at Don Kolov Arena in Canada with Canadian pro wrestling personality The Iceman doing all of the announcing. The Smoes were two small talent enhancement guys.

Rosemary and John E. Bravo argued backstage on if they actually missed Taya Valkyrie or not. She hasn’t been able to make it to shows because of the virus pandemic.

They showed a clip of AJ Styles beating Jeff Hardy from Victory Road 2011.

Chris Bey tried to stir up trouble between Johnny Swinger and Willie Mack backstage. Swinger confronted Mack and said he wanted an X-Division Title shot. Mack was calm and cool not understanding what Swinger was so mad about. He told Swinger all he had to do was ask and he’ll give him a shot next week.

Mathews and Rayne said Ken Shamrock vs. Rhino is also supposed to take place next week in a #1 con. Tournament Match but they don’t know if Shamrock will make it after the attack by Elgin. Also set for next week, Team XXXL vs. TJP and Fallah Bahh in a #1 con. Tag Team Titles Match.

Moose vs. Suicide 

Moose forced ring announcer David Penzer and the referee to officially announce the match as a TNA World Title match. Mathews once again insisted that although the TNA World Title belt looks nice, Moose isn’t the champion as the title isn’t recognized as an Impact championship.

Moose got the pin in a typical Moose match finish. The referee was bumped. Suicide looked like he was going to win but the referee was out of it then awoke to count too slow from being dazed. Moose then hit the spear for the pin and the win.

Starting tonight, Impact will now being doing a weekly post-show called “After Shock”on their social media and Impact Plus at 10pm EST each Tuesday. It’s hosted by Don Callis and Jimmy Jacobs. Tonight’s guest is Rosemary.

Shannon Walsh @WrestlingDemons