Impact Wrestling Results 5/26/20: Deonna Purazzo Appears

Impact Wrestling results on AXS TV on 5/26/20 taped from Nashville, Tennessee weeks ago:

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are the announcers.

Ace Austin pinned Hernandez after the clipping his knee and hitting The Fold in a #1 con. Tournament semifinals match.

Cody Deaner was shown riding his motorcycle into the Deaner’s Compound. He and a mystery partner will face The North there later on for the Impact World Tag Team Titles.

Johnny Swinger was talking to Chris Bey backstage. He said he thinks he and Bey always have good chemistry compared to teaming with Willie Mack. He said he has a roll of quarters and “Fuji Dust” all set up and all Bey had to do is give him the word to use them. Bey calmly told him they should just figure things out in the ring as they go along. Swinger said he liked the old school idea.

The North was shown on their way to The Deaner’s Compound. Ethan Page was laughing at how “back woods” it all was.

A Michael Elgin promo aired. He said he will face Trey tonight in the tournament semifinals but he doesn’t think Trey knows how to be serious. He said he considers himself the #1 contender now as it is and he’ll always be #1 contender up until he wins the World Title.

Chris Bey pinned Cousin Jake after The Final Finesse when Johnny Swinger got up on the ring to cause a distraction. Jake punched him down but then got caught from behind by Bey. They were given a lot of time in the match to showcase Bey’s athleticism and Jake’s power moves. Bey and Swinger stomped Jake afterwards but Willie Mack made the save.

Rohit Raju was interviewed backstage. He complained about not getting opportunities again while other people always get rematches. Chase Stevens walked up to him to complain about his complaining. Raju challenged him to a match for next week and walked away. Stevens said he doesn’t even work for Impact but just got himself a big match for next week.

Kimber Lee beat Havok by disqualification when Nevaeh ran in to stop Lee from attempting to hit Havok with brass knuckles. After the match, Nevaeh and Havok did their double team cutter move they use in RISE and WOW on Lee. They are currently the RISE Tag Team Champions. (RISE is an Illinois-based indie group owned by Kevin Harvey and co-booked by Impact’s Jimmy Jacobs. They do live events on FITE). In WOW, Nevaeh and Havok are under the names Havok and “Hazard”.

The North was shown still wandering around the Deaner’s Compound. They encountered various “hillbilly” characters.

Kylie Rae accidentally bumped into Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz backstage in the hallway. She tried to apologize but they argued with her and accused her of trying to start a problem. Susie (Su Young’s alter ego) walked out of a room and told Hogan and Steelz to stop bullying. Steelz punched  Rae in the stomach and then joined Hogan to beat up Suzie. As the heels walked away, images of Su Yung flashed on the screen over Susie as if Susie will be going back to her dark side.

Backstage, Joey Ryan talked to Dave and Jake Crist. He said he has a match against “Mentally Unwell” Steve next week. The Crist Brothers said it was Crazzy Steve. Ryan said using the word crazy is problematic these days and invited them to accompany him to the ring for the match as a “learning experience”.

Impact World Tag Team Champions The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) beat Cody Deaner and Wheelz in the Deaner’s Compound Match by pinning Wheelz. This was another “movie match” which are getting all too common in pro wrestling. It looked like a cross between The Red Green Show on CBC TV and an action movie on Tubi. They brawled all over. Page was thrown through a wooden fence. Alexander was slammed on a car. Alexander and Deaner fought on top of a huge trailer and Alexander gave him a tombstone on it. Back in the shed area, The North decided to attack the disabled referee in the ring. He fought them off for a little bit and did a couple high spots on them. The finish came when Wheelz was about to give The North a choke slam at the same time but he was hit from behind with a low blow by an unseen person. It turned out to be Canadian announcer The Iceman. He had a referee shirt on and made a fast count to help The North win. After the match, the members of the Deaner Compound chased the heels off the property with pitchforks.

TJP and Fallah Bahh did an interview. They said they should be the next challengers of The North. Wentz and Dez walked up and disagreed to set up a match for next week.

Moose joined The Rascalz in their “Stoner Circle” and compared himself to past TNA World Champions. They laughed at him. He warned them something bad could happen to them for making fun of him.

A video promo aired of Deonna Purazzo. She did an intelligent and articulate promo. She was released by WWE in all of the talent cuts several weeks ago.

Rosemary was in the bar with John E. Bravo. She said since Taya Valkyrie is her ally, she considers him now an ally as well. She said they should move to a new hangout next week because the bar was boring her. Bravo was worried that she will sacrifice him on an altar. She joked saying she wouldn’t do that to him on a first date.

Mathews and Rayne said Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan will take on Kylie Rae and Susie next week, plus it will be the finals of the #1 con. Tournament.

Trey upset Michael Elgin with a jackknife pin in a #1 con. Tournament semifinals match when the lights went out and Sami Callihan’s ICU video graphic appeared on the screen to cause a distraction.

Shannon Walsh @WrestlingDemons