Impact Wrestling Results 6/2/20: New #1 Contender

Impact Wrestling results on AXS TV on 6/2/20 from Nashville, Tennessee taped weeks ago:

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz beat Kylie Rae and Susie when Hogan pinned Susie with the Face The Music set up by Steelz's head scissors off the top rope.

Ace Austin did an arrogant interview backstage. He said he’s outgrown the X-Division and now he’ll go after things more his size. Self-proclaimed TNA World Champion Moose walked up and tried to convince him to go after the TNA Title if he wins the #1 con. tournament tonight against Trey. Moose said the Impact World Title is second rate. Austin looked at him intrigued and said he might consider the offer.

Joey Ryan pinned Crazzy Steve after a super kick when Dave Crist and Jake Crist distracted Steve and the referee. After the match, Ryan gave an invitation for OVE to join Cancel Culture. Jake was eager to join, but Dave didn’t want to. Ryan told Jake that he must redeem himself and do the right thing and make the right decision. Jake delivered a knockout kick to Dave and left him laying. He left the ring with Ryan.

Rohit Raju pinned Chase Stevens after using the referee as a shield in the corner to block Stevens, followed up by a jumping knee strike and a diving double stomp. Rhino gave Raju a spear after the match as Raju was bragging about the win to the camera.

Havok and Nevaeh did a brief interview backstage. Nevaeh said they have been friends for years and she came to Impact to make sure that Havok was okay. She said they would be a team.

Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger had Chris Bey as their guest. Swinger kept talking annoyingly on behalf of Bey to try to put him over each time Rayne asked Bey questions. Swinger said he and Bey would debut as a team next week against Willie Mack and Cousin Jake. Bey said after they beat those guys, Swinger can help him win the X-Division Title from Mack.

Impact Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace was interviewed by Jimmy Jacobs backstage. She said she’s been scouting all of the new Knockouts that have debuted over the past few weeks. Taya Valkyrie walked up and interrupted. She sarcastically said that she wouldn’t have taken time off when she was the Knockouts Champion like Grace has recently done. Jacobs brought up that Valkyrie has also been absent in recent weeks (due to the virus pandemic). Grace said she owes Valkyrie a title shot and wanted to give her one tonight. Valkyrie made up lame excuses to get out of it. Grace said it would happen next week and insisted on it.

Dez and Wentz beat Fallah Bahh and TJP when Dez pinned TJP with a bridging pin out of TJP’s ankle lock hold thanks to an assisted push by Wentz. This was an Impact World Tag Team Titles #1 con. Match. They were given a lot of time and had lots of near falls to build up suspense that either team could win.

Another Deonna Purrazzo video promo aired. She mentioned Impact Wrestling by name and questioned if the company is ready for her. A graphic appeared noting she will be coming to Impact next week.

Rosemary and John E. Bravo were shown on their date. She tried to convince him to quit working for Taya Valkyrie and come work for her instead. He seemed like he was going to agree but she wanted him to take a bite of an apple to make it official. His cellphone rang before he could take a bite. He said it was Valkyrie and he had to go because she needed his help after running out of dog food. Rosemary was shocked at his rush to leave her.

Michael Elgin was shown backstage forcing a stagehand to play his music before the #1 con. tournament finals main event. The stagehand was played by RISE Wrestling owner Kevin Harvey but he wasn’t mentioned by name.

Elgin went to the ring and cut a promo. He said he’s still considers himself the #1 con. and he beat himself last week in the tournament by allowing himself to be distracted by Sami Callihan. He said Callihan cost him the match. The ICU graphic of Callihan‘s once again appeared onscreen but Callihan didn’t show up. Elgin said Callihan knows he can’t get the job done against him so he doesn’t show up. He said he wasn’t leaving the ring until he’s declared #1 con. or the Impact World Champion. He said the first person coming to the ring has to deal with him now. Ken Shamrock came out and they brawled. Shamrock got the better and sent Elgin running out of the ring while trying to get him in the ankle lock.

Trey was showed laid out and unconscious in the back before the main event. Ace Austin gloated in the ring and said he should be automatically declared #1 con. Wentz came out to blame Austin for Trey being attacked. Austin said he can beat Trey so he had no reason to hurt him. Impact Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore came out and allowed Wentz to take Trey’s place in the finals.

Austin Austin pinned Wentz with The Fold to win the tournament after he got his knees up to block Wentz’s swanton bomb.

After the show’s credits aired, footage was shown of an unknown person watching a fake newscast talking about several releases in pro wrestling (without mentioning WWE by name). Clips were then shown of Eric Young, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and Mike and Maria Kanellis. A graphic appeared for Slammiversery on 7/18/20 on pay-per-view.