Allie Kat’s “Real Hot Girl” Show Results 1/30/21

Allie Kat's “Real Hot Girl Shit” results as part of Game Changer Wrestling’s “Fight Forever” live 24 hour marathon of events on YouTube on 1/30/21:

Terra Calaway and Jeff Cannonball are the announcers.

Ziggy Haim pinned Brooke Valentine with a cradle driver she calls The Mazel Tov Cocktail.

Holidead pinned Kaia McKenna after her double under hook gourd buster finisher.

Lady Frost pinned Molly McCoy after a Sky Twister Press.

Faye Jackson pinned Erica Leigh after a Michinoku Driver.

A hilarious commercial from Solo Darling aired to advertise her legit Only Fans account. It was made to look like she was in a early 1990s phone sex commercial. 

Willow Nightingale pinned Allie Kat after a gut wrench power bomb in the main event.

After the match, Allie Kat said it wasn’t just her name on the event. She genuinely handpicked each person on the card and booked the whole show. She was quick to point out that she used a man’s money to do it.