Impact Wrestling “Hard To Kill” Results 1/16/21: New Knockouts Tag Team Champs Crowned


Jon Burton, Madison Rayne, and Scott D’Amore hosted a pre-show on AXS TV. 

Don Callis, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, and Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers were shown having a meeting about Moose. Callis brought up Moose’s contract and said he would talk to him to convince him to see things their way. Moose was announced this week as the last minute replacement for Alex Shelley in tonight’s 6-man main event of Omega and The Good Brothers vs. Impact World Champion Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, and Moose.

Sami Callihan “hacked” into the pre-show broadcast to cut a promo. He was standing around a bunch of barb wire. He said he wasn’t even afraid to die in the Barb Wire Massacre match against Eddie Edwards later on.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were officially introduced as the broadcast team for the pay-per-view and they will be the new team for the weekly Impact Wrestling shows on AXS TV each Tuesday at 8pm EST. Josh Mathews was promoted to an Impact Wrestling TV producer and will now work backstage. Madison Rayne is expected to announce her future plans later tonight.

Brian Myers pinned Josh Alexander after a running clothesline.

Super X-Cup winner Ace Austin (with Mad Man Fulton) was interviewed by the pre-show hosts at their desk. He complained that he wasn’t even booked on Hard To Kill and said it was a waste of his talent not to be on the show.

Madison Rayne closed the pre-show. She said she is retiring from Impact and will now go home to be a wife and mother full time. Burton handed her a bouquet of red roses and D’Amore consoled her a little because she was somewhat emotional while making the announcement.

Impact Wrestling “Hard To Kill” pay-per-view  results from Nashville, Tennessee, USA 🇺🇸 at Skyway Studios on 1/16/21 live on FITE TV:

Crazzy Steve and Rosemary beat Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K in a really bad stereotypical intergender comedy match. The finish came when Dashwood tried to spray Steve with the hairspray but she got tangled up with Kaleb and the referee in the ring corner. Steve spit mist in her face and she fell off of the ring to the floor. Kaleb then walked over to the other side of the ring and grabbed Rosemary by her hair to try to pull her back into the ring. Rosemary of course spit mist in his face. Steve followed up by using his diving DDT finisher to pin the “mist blinded” Kaleb while Dashwood screamed on the floor with her face still covered in mist.

Eric Young, Joe Doering, and Deaner beat Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, and Cousin Jake in an Old School Rules match when Young pinned Jake after a piledriver. This was a 6-man hardcore Texas Tornado deal but in slow motion. Chairs and thumbtacks were used as the weapons.

Rich Swann and Chris Sabin were in the locker talking and Moose walked in. Swann jumped up to confront him but Moose said they were a team tonight. Swann told him they wanted Willie Mack as their partner but they can’t have him now because Moose injured Mack last week in the “I Quit Match”. Moose assured them that he could be trusted. He said in football he didn’t like his teammates but they were a team when they got on the field. He said he doesn’t like “outsiders” (Omega) trying to take over the company. Swann and Sabin decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz won the Knockouts Tag Team Titles Tournament Finals over Nevaeh and Havok to win the vacant belts as expected when Hogan used her fisherman neck breaker finisher to pin Nevaeh. Steelz held the leg of Havok to stop her from making the save. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim came out to present them the tag team belts after the match.

Backstage, Rosemary and Crazzy Steve offered to be in corner of Taya Valkyrie later tonight to counter Deonna Purazzo’s entourage of Kimber Lee and Susan. Valkyrie agreed and said they will celebrate in SlamTown when she wins. Acey Romero was shown sneaking into the Knockouts locker room.

Ace Austin and Mad Man Fulton came to the ring. Austin demanded that Impact Executive VP Scott D’Amore come out and add him to the X-Division Title Match. D’Amore refused to add him but brought out Matt Cardona as a surprise to face him. Striker and Brown acted like Cardona was a big star and a huge surprise.

Cardona beat Austin by Disqualification when Mad Man Fulton got in the ring after a few minutes and attacked Cardona. Cardona  quickly recovered after the match and sent both heels out of the ring after hitting a couple of moves.

X-Division Champion Manik (aka TJP) won a 3-Way Match over Rohit Raju and Chris Bey by pinning Raju just as Raju looked like he was about to get the fall on Bey.

There was another badly acted backstage segment with Eddie Edwards and his wife Alisha Edwards. Alisha said she was worried about the barb wire match tonight. Eddie made her promise that she wouldn’t be at ringside to get involved.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purazzo beat Taya Valkyrie by double arm bar submission. Crazzy Steve, Rosemary, Kimber Lee, and Susan all got into an aimless comedy brawl before the bell at ringside. The referee ejected all of them and they never came back out. The announcers sounded like Valkyrie’s Impact career is coming to an end soon. They said her career could have been over if she didn’t quit and thanked her for her contributions to the Knockouts Division. There has been all kinds of speculation about her contract status for a year now.

Acey Romero brought new evidence he claimed he found in the Knockouts locker room to John E. Bravo. Romero is still trying to clear Larry D. over last year’s shooting of Bravo.

Karate Man beat Ethan Page by ripping his heart out and walking away with it. This was all comedy and came off like 1990s Sega action video game and a B-movie. It only lasted a couple of minutes thankfully.

Don Callis approached Moose backstage and gave him a fast talking speech about his contract. When he tried to walk away thinking he convinced Moose to be on his side, Moose told him he intended to win the match tonight. He said after he wins he wants the Impact World Title from Swann he might show up in AEW to go after Kenny Omega one day. Callis was shocked his plan to get Moose to cooperate didn’t work.

The Barb Wire Massacre is next with Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan. The ring is surrounded by barb wire on the ropes, big wooden boards, and parts of a steel cage. They’re also using the kendo stick of Edwards, the bat of Callihan, a chair, and a video game controller all wrapped in barb wire as weapons.

Edwards pinned Callihan after an Emerald Flowsion on a barb wire chair and barb wire board. Both guys bled. Callihan gave Edwards the Cactus piledriver off the ropes through a barb wire board set up between two chairs in the ring at one point but Edwards kicked out. Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party and knocked a barb wire chair into his face with it but Callihan kicked out at one. Alisha Edwards came out after to check on Eddie and they walked to the back together as Callihan was left laying in the ring.

The next Impact ppv will be Rebellion on 4/24/21.

Main event is next with Rich Swann, Moose, and Chris Sabin vs. Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson, and Doc Gallows.

Don Callis came out and gave Omega a big introduction and said Gotch, Race, Flair and Hogan all pale in comparison to him as world champion.

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson beat Impact World Champion Rich Swann, Moose, and Chris Sabin when Omega pinned Swann after the One Wing Angel. The announcers acted in shock that the AEW champ pinned the Impact champ on Impact’s own ppv.