Progress 104: “Natural Progression” Spoilers 2/20/21

 Progress results of Chapter 104: “Natural Progression” from London, England, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 at Theatre Peckham on 2/20/21 broadcasting on WWE Network:

Charles Crowley and Hustle Malone are the broadcast team.

Chris Ridgeway won a #1 con. Progress World Title 4-Way Match over Gene Munny, Omari, and Spike Trivet by pinning Munny after a punt to the head.

Luke Jacobs pinned Man Like Dereiss after a lariat in a Natural Progression Series 7 First Round Match.

Ethan Allen beat Kid Lykos II by armbar submission in an NPS7 First Round Match.

Millie McKenzie pinned Mercedez Blaze in a women’s match.

Danny Black pinned Elijah after a pumphandle suplex in a NPS7 First Round Match.

Warren Banks pinned Big Joe Gunns after a spear in NPS7 First Round Match.

Kid Lykos beat Chuck Mambo by submission when Lykos II interfered in a non-tournament match.

Progress World Champion Cara Noir beat Dan Moloney with the Blackout sleeper.

The show is still going on as of this post but WWD was leaked the results a bit ahead of time. It was taped in January.