Rev Pro “Epic Encounters 8” Results 2/7/21: Big Title Change


Revolution Pro Wrestling “Epic Encounters 8” results from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 at Portsmouth School of Wrestling live on YouTube and Twitch on 2/7/21:

JJ Gale and Callum Newman beat Chris Ridgeway and Gideon Grey when Gale pinned Grey with an inside cradle. The story was that Grey, who’s the heel manager of The Legion, ended up being the “weak link” in the match. Grey interrupted Newman and Gale in their interview afterwards. He challenged both of them to have singles matches against Ridgeway in the future to prove themselves.

Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Rob Lias with his driver finisher in a SouthSide Title Tournament B Block Match. Lias is fully eliminated from the tournament.

SouthSide Women’s Champion Kanji beat Bobbi Tyler with a triangle choke submission. After the match, Zoe Lucas came to Tyler’s side as usual and went to grab the title belt from Kanji. Aleah James made the save and clocked Lucas with the belt. James then gave the belt back to Kanji in a show of respect to tease a future title match. Lucas and Tyler recovered and jumped both women. Lucas ended up stealing the belt in the end and walked to the back with Tyler.

Kid Lykos II pinned Connor Mills after a brain buster when Kid Lykos came out from under the ring to attack Mills. He gave Mills a low blow and hit him with a tray of some sort. After the match, Lykos issued a challenge on behalf of Lykos II for Michael Oku and the British Cruiserweight Title.

Screwface Ahmed pinned Joel Redman after a spinning neck breaker in a SouthSide Title Tournament B Block Match when Gideon Grey interfered and placed Ahmed’s foot on the rope when it looked like Redman was about to get the win. Redman is eliminated from the tournament.

Jamie Hayter won the British Women’s Title from Gisele Shaw after the Cow Killer for the pin. After the match, Shaw said she wanted to get a rematch one day to regain it and she left the ring. Gideon Grey came out to interrupt Hayter’s celebration. He told her to look behind her. Skye Smitson was standing behind her trying to intimidate her. Grey said Smitson wasn’t going to attack her but they wanted to show how easy it would be to do it. Smitson is the first challenger apparently.