STARDOM Press Conference Finalizes 3/3/21 Card

STARDOM executive producer Rossy Ogawa held a press conference on YouTube today to make the 3/3/21 All Star Dream Cinderella event from Tokyo at Nippon Budokan official. 

It will be a live pay-per-view on PIA and simulcast on Samurai TV at 4am EST. Akira Hokuto will be one of the announcers. She sent in a video message to hype everything. Here is the full card:

High Speed Champion AZM vs. NatsuPoi (this will be broadcast for free on YouTube)

Goddess of STARDOM Tag Team Champions Himeka and Maika vs. Natsuko Tora and Saki Kashima (this will be broadcast for free on YouTube)

Rumble Match with Yuzuki Aikawa, Yoko Bito, Miho Wakizawa, Hiromi Mimura, Momoe Nakanishi, Koguma, Haruka Kato, Yuna Manase, Chigusa Nagayo, Kyoko Inoue, Mima Shimoda, Emi Sakura, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Rin Kadokura, Mei Hoshizuki, Bea Priestley, Starlight Kid, Saya Iida, Unagi Sayaka, Mina Shirakawa, Gokigen Death, and Lady C

Momo Watanabe vs. Nanae Takahashi (her first STARDOM match since 2015). They got into a brief hair pulling cat fight then it was quickly broken up.

SWA Champion Syuri vs. Konami

Mayu Iwatani vs. Yoshiko (her first match back in STARDOM after the brutal and controversial match in 2015 against Act Yasukawa)

World of STARDOM Champion Utami Hayshishita vs. Saya Kamitani. Kamitani walked over and slapped Hayshishita in the face towards the end of their segment time but Hayshishita stayed calm and professional without giving any reaction.

Wonder of STARDOM Champion Guilia vs. Tam Nakano in a hair match with the title on the line

There is plenty of STARDOM to come before 3/3/21 with events scheduled for 2/20 and 2/21 at Shinkiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, 2/23 in Osaka, 2/27 and 2/28 in Nagoya.