NWA “Back For The Attack” PPV Results 3/21/21


NWA pay-per-view results of “Back For The Attack” from Atlanta, Georgia, USA 🇺🇸 at GPB Studios on 3/21/21 live on FITE:


This is the first pay-per-view back for the company since Hard Times on 1/24/20. They shut down running shows due the COVID-19 virus pandemic. This is a no fans event as the pandemic continues here in 2021.

They opened with a video tribute to Joseph Hudson who passed away last month. He was The Question Mark. Aron Stevens was tearful talking about what Hudson meant to his career. Tonight’s main event of Stevens vs. NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis will be dedicated to Hudson’s memory.

Tim Storm is the color commentator working with Joe Galli back on play by play.

David Marquez is no longer with the company so Kyle Davis is the new interviewer. He brought out Aldis who did a fiery promo to officially welcome everyone back to The NWA. He admitted the company had setbacks but said it set them up for a big return. He put over the locker room and said anyone can steal the show. He said the show was for the fans and the memory of Hudson.

Slice Boogie won a 4-Way Match over Jax Dane, Crimson, and Jordan Clearwater by pinning Clearwater after a Deadass Driver as Crimson and Dane were outside the ring brawling.

May Valentine is the backstage interviewer. She interviewed Sal Rinauro who hyped the show.

Tyrus cut a brief tough guy promo with Davis on the way to the ring for his match with Kratos. He complained that nobody offered him interview time was he was just going to take it.

Tyrus pinned Kratos after a running elbow drop. Kratos is currently half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions with Aron Stevens.

Valentine interviewed NWA National Champion Trevor Murdoch backstage to talk about his match against Chris Adonis later in the show.

NWA TV Champion The Pope went to a 10:05 time limit draw with Thom Latimer. Galli said the NWA extended the time limit for TV Title Matches from 6:05 to 10:05.

Valentine interviewed a serious Aron Stevens. He was choked up and said he hoped Joseph Stevens’ son was watching. He turned angry in town and said he will prove to people that he’s a serious wrestler and not the underdog everyone thinks he is.

Taryn Terrell was special guest on commentary for the Women’s Title #1 con. Match. She was friendly and cheerful. She said she was scouting the action because she would like to add being NWA Women’s Champion to things in her career.

Galli acknowledged Thunder Rosa being in the bloody AEW Lights Out Match last week and wondered if it will be a factor against Kamille.

Kamille pinned Thunder Rosa after two spears in an NWA Women’s #1 con. Match. They went about 14 or 15 minutes. 

Austin Idol did a great interview with Valentine backstage. He said he was invited to the show by Aron Stevens and said it should be a great title match main event. The announcers questioned why Idol seemed to be supporting Stevens and not Aldis.

Galli said new episodes of NWA Powerrr start this Tuesday on FITE but you have to sign up for a paid subscription to see it. He didn’t give the price but it’s $5 a month. That’s just for the NWA Powerrr subscription itself and no other FITE paid programming.

NWA National Champion Trevor Murdoch pinned Chris Adonis with a roll up as Adonis tried to go for the Master Lock. Murdoch should hands after the match then Adonis jumped him from behind. He gave Murdoch a Full Nelson Slam then applied the Master Lock. He laid the National Title belt on a laid out Murdoch in the ring.

Austin Idol joined Galli and Storm on commentary for the main event. He is such a great speaker. He said he built The Omni in Atlanta in his career. He called Nick Aldis his boy and taunted Tim Storm about losing the NWA Worlds Title to Aldis. He said Stevens called him for advice on how to beat Aldis. He said sometimes it’s good to be the underdog but people who think Stevens is one is dead wrong. He said he’s personally interested to see the outcome tonight which definitely seemed like a tease for interfering.

They did a 10-bell salute to the passing of Buddy Colt/Ron Read, Jim Crockett, Jr. and Joseph Hudson/The Question Mark.

Emotional build at the start of the main event. The referee Robert King gave instructions and said it was not only for the NWA Worlds Title, it was for Hudson.

NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis pinned Aron Stevens with an inside cradle but it looked like their feet were in the ropes. There was no interference at all and a back and forth technical match.Stevens brought out a mask of The Question Mark afterwards. Aldis shook hands. The roster came out with a Question Mark/Mongrovian flag and chanted his name. Stevens said “Thar was for you! We love you!” to close the show.

The show then briefly came back on. The announcers were standing at the table and Tim Storm was crying. Stevens said “Thank you very much” then dropped the mic and left the ring.