Retro Results: AJW “Wrestling Queendom III Victory” 3/26/95


All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling “Wrestling Queendom III Victory” results from Yokohama, Japan 🇯🇵 at Yokohama Arena on 3/26/95:

Rie Tamada pinned Kumiko Maekawa with a body press in 10:37.

Chaparita Asari pinned Candy Okutsu after a Sky Twister to win the AJW Junior Championship in 15:33.

Noriko Tsunada went to a draw with Kaoru Ito in a Shoot Boxing Bout after 5 Rounds.

Jaguar Yokota and Lady Apache beat Mariko Yoshida and Felina in a Two Out of Three Falls Tag Team Match in 18:02. Apache pinned Felina after an arm drag off the ropes. Yoshida pinned Apache after a reversal. Yokota pinned Yoshida with a Straight Jacket German Suplex to win the match.

UWA Women's World Tag Team Champions Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda beat Tomoko Watanabe and Suzuka Minami when Mita pinned Minami after a Death Valley Driver in 19:01.

Sakie Hasegawa pinned Bison Kimura after a high kick to the face in 10:05. 

Toshiyo Yamada won a Triangle Match over Takako Inoue and Reggie Bennett to win the vacant AJW All-Pacific Championship. Inoue pinned Yamada after a diving knee strike to the head. Bennett submitted Inoue with a back breaker. Yamada pinned Bennett after escaping a back beaker attempt. Yamada pinned Inoue with an Electric Chair Drop in 20:43.

Yumiko Hotta beat Lioness Asuka in an Utimate Fight (UWFI style of match) in 22:54 when Asuka collapsed and couldn’t stay on her feet for the full 10 count after getting a hard kick to the face.

WWF Women's World Champion Bull Nakano pinned Kyoko Inoue after a diving somersault leg drop in 17:07 

Manami Toyota pinned Aja Kong with the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex to win the WWWA World Singles Championship in 23:21.