Rev Pro “Epic Encounters 9” Results 3/14/21


Revolution Pro Wrestling results of “Epic Encounters 9” from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 At Portsmouth School of Wrestling on 3/14/21 live on YouTube and Twitch:

Chris Ridgeway pinned JJ Gale after a Penalty Kick. Callum Newman came in to check on Gale afterwards then had a stare down with Ridgeway. Ridgeway refused to give Gale credit for a hard fought match. Gideon Grey (Ridgeway’s manager) said he hoped Gale learned his lesson and Newman was next.

Southside Women’s Champion Kanji and Aleah James beat Zoe Lucas and Bobbi Tyler when James pinned Tyler with a clutch as Kanji stopped Lucas from trying to break up the cover. James will get a title shot at Kanji on the next show. 

Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Screwface Ahmed after the Kishi Driver in a B Block Southside Title Tournament Match.

Dan Moloney pinned Charlie Sterling with an inside cradle as Sterling tried to go for a Texas Cloverleaf in Block A Match of the Southside Title Tournament. Moloney wins Block A. Sterling drops down to Block B to face Ricky Knight Jr on the next show.

British Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter went to a Double Count Out brawl with Skye Smitson.

British Cruiserweight Champion Michael Oku beat Kid Lykos II by half crab submission. Connor Mills stopped Kid Lykos from interfering outside of the ring at the finish.

They said there will be an Epic Encounters 10 but did not give an date. They return with live crowd action on 6/3/21 at Guildhall in Portsmouth. Tickets are here: