SWE Fury Adding Two More Titles


SWE Fury will be having their TV tapings broadcasting live on YouTube (for a $5 fee) on 3/20/21 from Canton, Texas at the Civic Center starting at 7:30pm EST.

They are bringing in the Texas Heavyweight Title and a Women’s TV Title. The Texas Heavyweight Title will be decided in a Battle Royal on tonight’s events.

The only other matches W.W.D. has been made aware of is SWE World Heavyweight Champion Charlie Haas vs. Edge Stone, and SWE Women’s Champion Christi Jaynes vs. Amber Nova.

Kevin Sullivan, Sonny Onoo, Malia Hosaka, Gangrel, Rosemary, and The W.OA.D. are a few of the other names at the show.

Rodney Mack is the current TV Champion. Jon Omari and Mike Anthony are the current Tag Team Champions.