Update On Maki Itoh’s Schedule


Maki Itoh has returned to Japan and gave a live  video update and Q&A on the Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling YouTube page from what looked to be her home.

She said entering the USA was tough because of all the COVID rules and restrictions with traveling. She said she felt like she was a criminal. She said going to AEW was fun but challenging having to deal with language barriers and a rushed schedule flying to America in time for the events. 

She confirmed that she is in self quarantine but will return to action for Tokyo Joshi Pro on the 3/27/21 show. (That event will be carried live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE from Shinkiba 1st Ringhttps://www.ddtpro.com/universe/videos/9659).

She said she wants to challenge Rika Tatsumi for the Princess of Princess Title on the 4/17/21 event at Korakuen Hall.