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F1RST Wrestling Double Header Results (Evening Show) 4/25/21

F1RST Wrestling Double Header Results (Day Show) 4/25/21

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling Results 4/22/21: Title Change, Female Tiger Mask On The Horizon?

NWA Powerrr Results 4/20/21

Beloved Pro Wrestling Timekeeper Greg Schimizzi Passes Away

Limitless Wrestling “Suffer No Fools” Results 4/16/21

Michigan Pro Wrestling Historian Mark Bujan Passes Away

PURE-J Results 4/11/21: Title Change

STARDOM Cinderella Tournament Results (Day 1) 4/10/21

No Peace Underground “Shallow Graves” Results 4/10/21

Beyond Wrestling “Time Capsule” Results 4/10/21

Tony Deppen’s “BierHaus” Results 4/10/21

Daisy Taylor Makes Adult Entertainment History (NSFW)

Ladies Night Out “Midnight In Tampa” Results 4/10/21

Generation Championship Wrestling “We Run This Town” Results 4/9/21

Freelance Wrestling and Freelance Underground “Chicago’s Secret Stash” Results 4/9/21

Allie Kat “Real Hot Girl Sh*t” Results 4/9/21

Generation Championship Wrestling “Best In Class” Results 4/9/21

Thunder Rosa’s Son Makes His Pro Wrestling Debut

No Peace Underground “MurderMania” Results 4/8/21

Josh Barnett’s BloodSport 6 Results 4/8/21

IWTV Family Reunion (Part 2) Results 4/8/21

IWTV Family Reunion (Part 1) Results 4/8/21

Jimmy Lloyd's D-Generation F Results 4/8/21

KnokX Pro Wrestling Women’s Special Results 4/6/22

NWA Powerrr Results 4/6/21

B.C.W. Pro Wrestling Results 4/3/21


OZ Academy Results 4/4/21: Title Changes

Texoma Pro Wrestling “Crossover” Results 4/2/21

Tokyo Joshi Pro Inspiration Results 4/1/21 & Results Of 4/3/21 Event

Faye Jackson Gives Injury Update

SEAdLINNNG “Arisa Nakajima 15th SPRiNNNG” Results 4/2/21

Coastal Championship Wrestling “Battle Of Boca Rotan” Tournament Results 4/1/21