KnokX Pro Wrestling Women’s Special Results 4/6/22


KnokX Pro Wrestling results of women’s action from Van Nuys, California, USA at KnokX Pro Wrestling Academy on 4/6/21 live on Twitch:

Tonight features just one match. It’s a ladies Turmoil Match inside the big Reformatory Cage that the group holds bouts in each Tuesday night. The rules are two start off with a new person entering every few minutes and elimination are by pin or submission.

Dan Praete and The James Jeremyah are the announcers.

Danika Della Rouge vs. Viva Van start it off. Another competitor enters in every 3 minutes. 

Mazzerati enters at #3.

Suzy is #4. (Not the Impact Wrestling star)

Reptillia is #5. 

Weapons gets released after a certain amount of “bits” donations. A stop sign and kendo stick are the first two legally allow in. 

‘Strella is the last to enter at #6. She dominates everyone else but there are no eliminations at all so far.

‘Strella is eliminated first after all five other women took her down and piled on top of her for the pin.

Mazzerati pinned Suzy with a bridging suplex.

Reptillia pinned Mazzerati after Mazzerati knocked herself by accident with the stop sign.

Della Rouge pinned Reptilla after a Tornado DDT.

A chair is released in as a weapon.

Viva Van pinned Della Rouge to win the match with a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex that she calls the Straight to Hell Suplex.