Tokyo Joshi Pro Inspiration Results 4/1/21 & Results Of 4/3/21 Event

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Shinkiba 1st Ring on 4/1/21 which aired live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

The concept of these Inspiration shows is a limited number of matches with lower ticket prices with special main events and stipulations. They announced the next Inspiration show is 7/1/21.

Mizuki pinned Miu Watanabe after a diving double foot stomp in 14:04.

Rika Tatsumi pinned Raku after the Missile Hip in 10:26.

Rina Yamashita pinned Hikari Noa in a Hardcore Match in 19:05 with the Splash Mountain onto several chairs laying the ring. This was the company’s first hardcore match and one of the company’s best match of the year so far. At one point Yamashita gave Noa the Fire Thunder Driver off the ring apron right through a table on the floor. Several minutes later, Noa ran out of the ring and grabbed a broken piece of the table to use a weapon by smashing Yamashita in the head with it a few times. They used chairs, a ladder, a big board, and a bag full of plunder that included CDs as some of the weapons.

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling “Spring Tour 21” from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 Itabashi Green Hall on 4/3/21 (will be posted up as VOD on WRESTLE UNIVERSE on 4/6/21):

Hikari Noa pinned Mahiro Kiryu after the Uranage Throw in 7:16.

Miyu Yamashita won a 3-Way Match over Raku and Shiori Sena by pinning Sena after the Attitude Adjustment in 5:47.

Maki Itoh beat Moka Miyamoto with the Itoh Deluxe submission in 8:22.

Yuki Kamifuku, Mirai Maiumi, and Suzume beat Nao Kakuta, Pom Harajuku, and Haruna Neko when Kamifuku pinned Neko after the Famouser in 10:21.

Rika Tatsumi pinned Arisu Endo with the Twist of Fate in 10:08.

Nodoka Tenma, Yuki Aino, Shoko Nakajima and Hyper Misao beat Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki, Miu Watanabe, and Marika Kobashi when Tenma pinned Kobashi after the Kill Switch in 13:41.