GLEAT “GLEAT Ver. 1” Results 7/1/21 Live On YouTube


GLEAT “GLEAT Ver. 1” from Tokyo, Japan at Tokyo Dome City Hall on 7/1/21 live and free on YouTube featuring G-Pro Wrestling and LIDET UWF action:

El Lindaman pinned Hayato Tamura with a German Suplex. 

Kyoko Inoue pinned Michiko Miyagi (formerly known as Andras Miyagi) with a power bomb.

Cima, Issei Onitsuka, and Shigehiro Irie beat Kaz Hayashi, Soma Watanabe, and Keiichi Sato when Ontisuka pinned Hayashi with his hurricanrana finisher.

Ryuichi Kawakami pinned T-Hawk with a Hurricane Driver in the G-Pro Wrestling main event.

The rest of the show will then be all LIDET UWF matches. LIDET UWF is in the tradition of the old 1990s UWFI “shoot style wrestling” promotion with a point system and knockout and submission rules.

Daijjiro Matsui and Tetsuya Izuchi beat Minoru Tanaka and Soma Watanabe when Matsui submitted Watanabe with a double wrist lock.

Chihiro Hashimoto beat Maya Fukuda by ankle lock submission. It was the shortest bout on the show so far and Hashimoto looked dominant. She came out with the Sendai Girls World Title.

Masakatsu Funaki beat Yu Iizuka with a standing chicken wing submission.

SHO beat Takanori Ito by referee stoppage when Ito passed out to SHO’s triangle choke hold in the LIDET UWF main event.