Independent Wrestling Expo 5 (Show 1) Results 8/7/21


Independent Wrestling Expo 5 from Fort Worth, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at the Rail Club Live on 8/7/21 live on Title Match Network:

Tatum Manning pinned Charlie Tiger after a top rope code breaker.

Cam Cole pinned Matt Vandagriff with an inside cradle after Mysterious Q ran out to ringside and pushed Vandagriff off the top rope. Q cut a promo and said it would be him vs. Vandagriff on Show 2.

The P.AK.(Apex and Shane Stratmore) pinned Mathayus and Chavy Chulo when Apex pinned Chulo. Mathayus was pulled off the ring by the heels and their manager Matt Marvel so he could make the tag or the save.

Moonshine Mantell and Bam Bam Malone beat Fly Def (Warren J. and Zack Zilla) by Count Out when everyone was brawling on the outside and Mantell rolled in the ring to beat the count for his team.

Super Beef Tag Team Elimination is next with a Mysterious Q, Nobe Bryant, Christian Mox, Drake Durden,and Bane Bailey vs. Gringo Loco, Bryan Keith, Big Fitz, Korey O’Neal, and Jamie Holley. Big Fitz pinned Christian Mox for the first elimination… Drake Durden pinned Korey O’Neal after a choke slam… Big Fitz and Drake Durden were both counted out brawling outside the ring…Bryan Keith pinned Bane Bailey…Nobe Bryant eliminated Jamie Holley by sharpshooter submission… Nobe Bryant pinned Gringo Loco… Bryan Keith pinned Mysterious Q after help from Matt Vandagriff who ran down to ringside to pay Q back from earlier…Bryan Keith pinned Nobe Bryant to win the match when Bryant had him in the sharpshooter.

Fuego Del Sol pinned Hunter Drake after the Tornado DDT off the second rope. Real good match with toms of back and forth fast paced action. Drake has the same style so they were evenly matched. After the match, Apex of The P.A.K. attacked Del Sol. Matt Marvel said Apex wants a match with Del Sol on Show 2.

Will Allday pinned Marquise Jackson after a super kick in the Show 1 main event. Jackson was a last minute substitute for Jacob Fatu.

Tickets are still available for Show 2 which starts at 8pm CST.