Independent Wrestling Expo 5 (Show 2) Results 8/7/21


Independent Wrestling Expo 5 (Show 2) from Forth Worth, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Rail Club Live on 8/7/21 live on Title Match Network:

Cam Cole pinned Tatum Manning after a suplex into a spiked DDT. 

Gino Medina won a 3-Way Match over Gringo Loco and Arez. 

Killa Kate vs. JennaCide vs. Danni Bee vs. Claudia Solis in a 4-Way Elimination Match is next… JennaCide pinned Danni Bee for the first elimination after a suplex… JennaCide pinned Claudia Solis after a side slam…JennaCide pinned Killa Kate to win the match after a spinning nexk breaker.

Fuego Del Sol pinned Apex. 

Magnificent Malico pinned Carlito Colon with a cradle as Carlito had his back turned while trying to apologize to the referee after accidentally spitting an apple in his face.

Drama King Matt pinned Lou Gotti after a DDT despite interference from heel manager Nastico and his other stable members.

Chandler Hopkins came out before the main event. He said pro wrestlers put their bodies on the line and they forget they’re human. He said he suffered a knee injury and will be out a couple weeks if not longer. He said he will know final details on his condition on Monday. He said the main event will still be a Fatal 4-Way Match tonight but without him now.

Myron Reed won the Fatal 4-Way Match over Matt Vandagriff, Trey Miguel, and Mysterious Q by pinning Miguel after a springboard cutter followed by an Air Raid Crash.  

The next show is in October.