Reality Of Wrestling “Summer of Champions VII” Results 8/14/21: Title Changes


Reality of Wrestling “Summer of Champions VII” results from Texas City, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Booker T.’s World Gym Arena on 8/14/21 live on YouTube:

Booker T. came out to welcome the crowd and thank them for coming. It’s a sold out show. Booker said there’s a lot of talent there who are on the way up to bigger things in pro wrestling and that’s exactly what he wants for them. He had Zack Mason come to the ring. He told Mason that he was part of a great tag team but now that he’s a singles competitor he’s not stepping up like he should. He said Mason’s original opponent is not there because he has COVID-19. He said he found someone else who will test him. It was Charlie Haas.

Zack Mason went to a 15-minute time limit draw with Charlie Haas. They hugged afterwards in a show of respect. 

Ryan Davidson, Isaiah James, and Shawn Hendrix beat B.D. Brawley, Warren Johnson, and Rudy Garza when Davidson pinned Johnson after a top rope splash set up by James and Hendrix’s double team finisher. 

Raychell Rose won the ROW Diamonds Division Title in a 3-Way Match over Promise Braxton (the champion) and Rok-C by pinning Braxton after a super kick and her Off With Her Head finisher. 

Booker T. came out again to hype the main event of Will Allday vs. Cam Cole in a champion vs. champion match. He said both guys will go on to represent ROW in other places one day and fans should remember where they both came from.

The ladder match is next with Blake Cortez, Tommy Bolton, Diego de la Cruz, Chris Carter, Jonathan Taylor, and Emilio Tovar. The winner gets a title shot at any ROW title of their choosing. Jonathan Vega dove off the ladder on the outside to splash Carter through a table on the floor and it looked like he slipped off the rung and landed ugly on the table. Tommy Bolton won the match by capturing the contract hanging above the ring.

ROW TV Champion Edge Stone was doing a backstage interview. Blake Cortez walked by and Stone insulted him. They got into a shoving match and had to be pulled apart.

The Savage King won the ROW TV Title from Edge Stone when the referee was accidentally bumped and Blake Cortez (dressed as one of The Savage King’s spartans) ran in and attacked Stone.

Terrale Tempo pinned Jay Alexander after a reversal. Alexander back jumped him after the match then got on the mic and demanded a rematch.

ROW Texas Champion Will Allday pinned ROW Heavyweight Champion Cam Cole after a super kick to win the ROW Heavyweight Title in a match with both titles on the line.