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SHIMMER 120 Results 10/31/21: Big Title Change, Sea Stars vs. Blonde Force Trauma, New HOS Champ In Action

SHIMMER 119 Results 10/31/21: Three Title Matches, Mercedes Martinez Returns

STARDOM “11th Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League 2021” Tournament (Day 3) Results 10/31/21

F.E.W. “ReeferMania 9” Results 10/30/21: MPW Champion Holidead vs. Mazzerati

STARDOM Tag League Tournament Results (Day 2) 10/30/21

Tokyo Joshi Pro “Let’s Take Bravely” Results 10/30/21

SEAdLINNNG “The BEYOND Tag Tournament 2021” Results (Day 1) 10/27/21

Update On Adam Scherr In Impact Wrestling

Mission Pro Wrestling “Don’t Fear The Reaper” Results 10/23/21: Title Changes, Jasmin Allure Notes

SHINE 69 Results 10/24/21

New Women’s Wrestling Group Coming In 2022

New wXw Champion Unified World Champion Crowned On 10/23/21

New wXw Women’s Champion Crowned On 10/23/21

Yuu Yamagata’s 20th Anniversary Show Results 10/23/21

Title Changes At PCW Ultra

Tokyo Joshi Pro Results 10/23/21

Sendai Girls Results 10/21/21: Title Change!

Real Japan Strong Style Vol. 13 Results 10/21/21: Tiger Queen’s Biggest Win Yet

YMZ Results 10/17/21

Pure-J Results 10/17/21

Ice Ribbon Results 10/17/21: Title Change

STARDOM “Tag League 2021” Opening Day Results 10/17/21

STARDOM Results 10/16/21, Tag League Opening Lineup

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Results 10/16/21

Raise The Bar Wrestling Debut Show Results 10/14/21

SEAdLINNNG Results 10/13/21

Dump Matsumoto’s “41st Wrestling Anniversary and 60th Birthday Show” Results 10/11/21

REV Pro “Live In Southampton 14” Results 10/10/21

Scotty O’Shea Recovering From A Near Deadly Issue

Aja Kong Will Be Sidelined After Surgery

Tokyo Joshi Pro “Wrestle Princess II” Results 10/9/21: Title Change!

AAA “Heroes Inmortales XIV” Results 10/9/21

STARDOM “10th Anniversary Grand Final Osaka Dream Cinderella” Results 10/9/21

WWE Head To Head With AEW Next Week

WOW Returning (Again) With Controversy

Identity Of Cora Jade’s Original Opponent On NXT 2.0