Ganbare Joshi Results 11/7/21


Ganbare Joshi results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Shinkiba 1st Ring on 11/7/21 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

Yuna Manase and Haruhi Moeka came out to open the show.

Maya Yukihi beat YuuRi by submission with a Sharpshooter. This was a trial series match for YuuRi. Ken Ohka came to the ring to tell her that her next opponent in the series will be SAKI on 12/19/21 here at Shinkiba 1st Ring.

Choun Shiryu went to a Double Disqualification/No Contest with Cherry. The referee was bumped and they started fighting each other with weapons. They crotched the referee on the wooden staff that Shiryu brings to the ring when the referee woke up and he called for the bell to end the match.

Baliyan Akki won a 3-Way Match over Shota and Yumehito Imanari by pinning Shota.


Shinichiro Tominaga, Rina Amikura, and Keisuke Ishii beat Ken Ohka, Moeka Haruhi, and Seiya Morohashi when Tominaga pinned Morohashi after the JK.

Yuna Manase and Saki Akai vs. Yuu Yamagata’ and HARUKAZE when Manase pinned HARUKAZE after several lariats followed by the Suzuki Dynamic. Manase vs. Yamagata will take place on the 12/19/21 show.


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