Ice Ribbon Roster Members Reportedly Leaving

Yahoo Japan has reported Risa Sera, Maya Yukihi, Suzu Suzuki (and possibly others) are expected to leave Ice Ribbon at the end of the year. 

The promotion has not announced anything so far as of this writing, but Yahoo Japan noted an official announcement could come as soon as 12/1/21. 

W.W.D. reached out to Ice Ribbon staff and they confirmed to us that an announcement will come at some point on 12/1/21.

Here is the list of the current Ice Ribbon champions:

ICEx Champion - Tsukushi Haruka 

International Ribbon Tag Team Champions - Risa Sera and Maya Yukihi 

Triangle Ribbon Champion - Maika Ozaki 

FantasICE Champion- Rina Yamashita 

IW19 Champion - Tsukushi Haruka