Onita’s FMW-E Event Causes A Police Response


FMW-E held their “Wild Thing” event in Kanagawa at the Tsurumi Fruit and Vegetable Market on 11/21/21. The fiery explosions in the death matches were louder and more vivid than their last time at the venue. All of the noise and sparks concerned citizens in the nearby area enough to call the police and fire department. Authorities did come out to investigate to make sure that there wasn’t some sort of a dangerous incident threat to the public. FMW-E issued a public apology for the disruption. 

Here are the results of the show:

Yuichi Taniguchi beat Onita Buatsu in a Fluorescent Current Exploding Bat Match in 8:29.

Monster Leather, Kisarazu Kid, and Longhorn Ozaki beat Naoshi Sano, Hitoshi, and The Yo-Chan when Monster Leather pinned Hitoshi after a Guillotine Drop in 6:21.

Suzu Suzuki beat Miss Mongol in a Women’s Current Explosion Princess Tournament semifinals match when Naoshi Sano interfered and accidentally hit Mongol with the exploding bat in 10:44.

Akane Fujita beat Risa Sera after a hit from an exploding bat in a Women’s Current Explosion Princess Tournament semifinals match in 10:14.

Hikaru Sato, Rocky Kawamura 2, and Taison Maeguchi beat HASEGAWA, Riki, and Kosaku Tonozaki when Sato got the fall on Tonozaki in 19:38.

Mr. Pogo, Abdullah Kobayashi, and Hideyoshi Kamitani beat Atsushi Onita, Ricky Fuji, and Raijin Yaguchi in a Street Fight with exploding weapons when Pogo pinned Onita in 10:13.

The next show is 12/19/21 with Suzuki vs. Fujita in the women’s tournament finals. 


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