Sendai Girls “Big Show In Sendai” Results 11/28/21


Sendai Girls “Big Show in Sendai” results from Sendai, Japan 🇯🇵 at Sun Plaza Hall on 11/28/21 live on Zaiko pay-per-view:

Sendai Girls World Junior Champion Yurika Oka pinned Kanon after a body press in 10:42.

Yuu won the handicap match over Sakura Hirota and Eiger by pinning Hirota after the Cannonball in 4:58. The stipulation was Yuu would lose if she didn’t win the match within 5 minutes.

Hiroyo Matsumoto, Asuka, and Saki Akai beat Ayame Sasamura, Manami, and Ami Miura when Asuka pinned Manami with a Michinoku Driver II in 10:09.

Mika Iwata pinned Andras Miyagi after a triangle kick in 10:59.

DASH Chisako pinned Hibiki in the Hardcore Match after the Hormone Splash off of a makeshift scaffold placed between two ladders in the ring as Hibiki was covered under a pile of chairs for extra impact. Time of the fall was 20:35.

Sendai Girls World Champion Chihiro Hashimoto went to a 30-minute time limit draw with Takumi Iroha. They bowed to each other afterwards and want to have a future rematch.