Shotzi Blackheart Pays Tribute To Horror Classic, Katrina Rose Honors Chyna

Shotzi Blackheart attended a Halloween party over the weekend dressed perfectly as the character Elizabeth Shelley from the 1990 B-movie “Frankenhooker”.

Patty Mullen was the star of the movie. It was a box office bomb that earned a cult following after repeated late night airings on Cinemax in the early 1990s (usually paired with “Pizza Man” starring Bill Maher) and as part of Joe Bob Brigg’s “Drive-In” on The Movie Channel.

Mullen is linked to pro wrestling history as she was one of the judges at the very first NWA Clash of Champions on TBS on 3/27/88 for the classic NWA World Title match with Ric Flair vs. Sting. She got the spot because she was Penthouse Magazine’s “Pet of the Year 1988”. She was Flair’s judge and appeared with him as his valet on NWA World Championship Wrestling on TBS the night before the Clash to hype it up. 

At the Clash, Flair went to a 45-minute time limit draw with Sting. The decision went to the judges. As expected, Mullen declared Flair as the winner. NWA’s Gary Juster voted for Sting. NWA’s Sandy Scott ruled it a draw.

The judges gimmick was short-lived and never worked. Jason Hervey of the original “The Wonder Years” and Ken Osmond of “Leave It To Beaver” and “The New Leave It To Beaver” were also judges at the first Clash. However, ring announcer Tom Miller rushed and never bothered to get their decisions and announced Flair as the official winner.

Adult star Kristina Rose dressed up as the late pro wrestler Chyna for Halloween. In 2011, Chyna began an adult film career and appeared in four adult studio movies. She and Rose got to know each other while appearing together at Exxxotica Expo events.


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