STARDOM “Goddesses Tag League 2021” Tournament (Day 5) Results 11/6/21


STARDOM “Goddesses Tag League 2021” Tournament (Day 5) results from Otsu, Japan 🇯🇵 at Ukaruchan Arena 11/6/21: 

Starlight Kid and Ruaka beat Lady C and Waka Tsukiyama when Ruaka pinned Lady C after the Freezer Bomb in 10:52 of a Blue Block Match for 2 points.

Momo Watanabe pinned Saki Kashima after a counter move in 7:50.

Syuri went to a Double Count Out with Saya Kamitani in 11:36.

Unagi Sayaka and Mai Sakurai beat Himeka and NatsuPoi when Sayaka pinned NatsuPoi in a Red Block Match in 9:56 for 2 points.

Hazuki and Koguma beat Utami Hayshishita and AZM when Koguma pinned AZM with a German Suplex in a non-tournament match in 12:40.

Mayu Iwatani and Rin Kadokura went to a 20-minute time limit draw with Tam Nakano and Mina Shirakawa in a Blue Block Match. They get a point each for the draw.


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