World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Results 11/14/21

World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana from Diana from Kanagawa, Japan 🇯🇵 at Diana Dojo on 11/14/21 live on YouTube:

Ayako Sato pinned Rina Amikura with a German Suplex in 11:05.

Jaguar Yokota and Deborah K beat Madeline and Hanako Nakamori when Yokota pinned Madeline after a piledriver in 13:20.

Kyoko Inoue and Haruka Umesaki beat Akane Fujita and AKARI when Inoue pinned AKARI in 14:58. Inoue seemed to have injured her leg in the match and could barely manage to pinned AKARI at the finish. She had to be helped out of the ring and was limping around.



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