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Action Wrestling & S.U.P. Results 12/31/21

Actwres Girl’z Titles Retired

Diana Results 12/31/21: Title Tournament Continues

Pizza Party Pro Wrestling Results 12/30/21

Ice Ribbon "Ribbon Mania 2021" Results 12/31/21: Title Changes!

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory” Season 3 Results 12/30/21

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SEADLINNNG Results 12/29/21: Title Changes!

STARDOM “STARDOM Dream Queendom 2021” Results 12/29/21: Title Changes!

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Results 12/27/21, Max Heart Tournament 2 News

WWE Orlando Results 12/27/21: Flair vs. Banks vs. Storm

WWE Results From Tampa 12/26/21

WWE Results From Madison Square Garden 12/26/21

Booker T.’s Reality of Wrestling “Christmas Chaos 2021” (Part 2) Results 12/26/21

Ice Ribbon “Ice Ribbon 1167 in SKIP City” Results 12/26/21

Ice Ribbon Christmas Show Results 12/25/21: WAL Tournament Finals

Diana Results 12/25/21: W.W.W.D. Title Vacated, Tournament Begins

STARDOM “Year End Climax 2021” Results 12/15/21: One Masked Attacker Revealed

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling “Merry Christmas! 2021” Results 12/24/21

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory” S3 EP12 Results 12/23/21

Ice Ribbon Final “P’s Party” Show Results 12/22/21: Title Retired

Reality Of Wrestling “Christmas Chaos 2021” (Part 1) Results 12/19/21

STARDOM Christmas 2021 Event Lineup

PWA Black Label vs. MCW “Worlds Collide” Results 12/19/21: New Champions!

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide Results 12/19/21

JCW “The Fight Before XMAS” Results 12/19/21

wXw “21st Anniversary” Results 12/18/21: WALTER vs. Cara Noir

STARDOM “Osaka Super Wars” Results 12/18/21: Big Angle And Unit Tournament Action

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Results 12/18/21: Miyu Yamashita vs. Yuki Arai

wXw “We Love Wrestling 26” Results 12/17/21: Title Change!

SEADLINNNG Results 12/16/21: Nanae Takahashi Leaving The Company

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling “Strong Style Pro-Wrestling vol. 14” Results 12/9/21

2021 Tokyo Sports Award Winners

ActWres Girl’z Results 12/13/21: Act Yasukawa Returns To Action!

Mission Pro Wrestling And Hybrid School Of Wrestling “Silver Bells” Results 12/11/21

SHINE 70 Results 12/12/21: New Champion (Again)!

STARDOM Results 12/11/21

FSW Limitless Results 12/10/21

Beyond Wrestling “Fete Forever” Results 12/5/21

REV Pro Results 12/5/21: Champion Out For Rest Of 2021