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Ice Ribbon Cancels Shows

World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Results 1/23/22: World Title Tournament Finals

Hurricane Pro Wrestling Results 1/22/22: Taya Valkyrie vs. Miranda Alize

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 127 Results 1/23/22

AVN Awards 2022 Winners 1/22/22

Warrior Wrestling 18 Results 1/22/22

STARDOM Results 1/22/22

Update on Impact Wrestling’s “The Quintessential Diva”

Wrestling Open Ep. 3 Results 1/20/22

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Results 1/20/22: Max Heart Tournament 2 Second Round

XBIZ Awards 2022 Winners

Vixens Wrestling Revolution Debut Event Results 1/15/22

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Joins Forces With American Indie Group

YMZ Results 1/16/22

Pro Wrestling WAVE “Osaka Rhapsody vol. 52” Results 1/16/22

Japan Considering New Emergency Measures Over Virus Pandemic

Prominence “Pre-Launch 1st” Results 1/16/22

The Wrestling Revolver “Once Upon A Time In Iowa” Results 1/16/22

Pallas Athena Women’s Fighting Championship Debut Results 1/15/22

Ice Ribbon Results 1/16/22: Title Change!

STARDOM Results 1/16/22

WWE Fargo Results 1/15/22

Zicky Dice's "Outlandish Paradise" Results 1/15/22: Paige Appears, Taya Valkyrie vs. Thunder Rosa, Zicky Dice vs. Evil Uno

STARDOM Mystery Person To Appear On 1/29/22

Tokyo Joshi Pro Results 1/15/22: Max Heart Tournament 2 Continues On

Ice Ribbon Results 1/15/22

STARDOM Results 1/15/22

GCW “Most Notorious” Results 1/14/22

Vixens Wrestling Revoultion Debuts On 1/15/22

STARDOM Press Conference Reveals 1/29/22 Card

Sendai Girls Results 1/9/22: Jaja Uma Tournament Finals

Diana Results 1/9/22: Title Tournament Finals Set

STARDOM Teases More Big Surprises

Marvelous Pro Results 1/10/22: AAAW Title Change!

STARDOM Results 1/10/21: Title Pictures Set Up

LA Fights Vol. 2 Results 1/9/22

REV Pro “Live In London 57” Results 1/9/22: Title Change!

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Results 1/9/22: Max Heart Tournament 2 Action

OZ Academy 1/9/22 Show Disrupted By An Emergency

STARDOM Results 1/9/22: Title Change!

Impact Wrestling “Hard To Kill” Results 1/8/22