LA Fights Vol. 2 Results 1/9/22


LA Fights “LA Fights Vol. 2” results from Los Angeles, California, USA 🇺🇸 at Don Quixote on 1/9/22 live and free on YouTube:

David Marquez and Jordan Cassel are the broadcast team. Pollo Del Mar and Cassel are the MCs.

Brandon Gatson pinned Jack Cartwheel after a DDT.

Sean Waltman joins Marquez on commentary. Waltman asked Marquez how long it’s been since he’s been in the broadcast booth. Marquez said it’s been about ten years and admitted he didn’t know how to call half of the moves. He has been a long time promoter, producer, director and ring announcer with Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, United Wrestling Network, NWA, NJPW USA, and more since 1988.

Matt Vadagriff pinned Lucas Riley with a sit out power bomb. 

Cassel and Waltman are now the broadcast team. Marquez said they only wanted him in for two matches.

Jai Vidal pinned Keita Murray after the Power Bottom Bomb off the top rope.

Revolving commentary teams. Shawn Scoville joins Waltman now. The next show is Feb. 26 as part of a double header with Game Changer Wrestling. The LA Fights show will remain free and live here on YouTube but the GCW event will be on FITE. 

Adrian Quest pinned Damien Drake after a 450 Splash.

Juicy Finau pinned Tyler Bateman after the Juicy Driver.

Nick Wayne pinned Titus Alexander after a flying springboard cutter.

Bad Dude Tito pinned Sandra Moone after a Tombstone Driver. Moone drove Tito through a door set up in the corner of the ring during the match. Tito gave her two power bombs followed by a DVD but Moone kicked out.

Lil Cholo won a 4-Way Match over Ju Dizz, Gregory Sharp, and D Rouge by pinning Sharp when Ju Dizz and D Rough brawled with each other back to the locker room. After the match, Ju Dizz and D Rough spilled out of the locker room and were still fighting with each other.

Cassel and Del Mar are on the call for the main event.

Dark Sheik pinned Kevin Blackwood after a low blow followed by a pump handle driver.