Mission Pro Wrestling “Crazy Train” Results 1/29/22: Thunder Rosa vs. La Rosa Negra


Mission Pro Wrestling “Crazy Train” results from Conroe, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Southern Star Brewery on 1/29/22 live on Title Match Network:


MPW will be part of GCW The Collective on April 2, 2022 at 4pm EST in Dallas during WrestleMania Week. 

MPW Champion Holidead came out with her arm in a sling. She was attacked by The Renegade Twins with a chair last night while doing a sponsorship ad. She said she has to relinquish the title. Amanda the General Manager came out and said Holidead should wait until the next MPW show on March 5 to make the decision to see if she can recover by then. Holidead agreed but said another title should be defended tonight instead. Thunder Rosa came out with the Warrior Wrestling Women’s Title. Rosa said she will defend it against La Rosa Negra in the main event. 

Rache Chanel pinned Gigi Rey after her front leg sweep finisher.

JP Harlow won a 4-Way Match over Kari Wright, Ninja Mack, and Jesús Rodriguez (aka Ricardo Rodriguez) by pinning Wright after a DDT out of the ring corner. He won a keg and gets to be the only man to represent MPW on the 4/2 show in Dallas.

Davienne pinned Sierra after her baseball slide drop kick finisher with Sierra up against the ring post.

Natalia Markova vs. Capital Championship Wrestling Champion KiLynn King. Markova cut a heel promo before the match started and said she wasn’t going to wrestle but she had someone to replace her. Killa Kate came out and Markova stayed with her at ringside. 

CCW Champion KiLynn King pinned Killa Kate after a face plant finisher. Markova interfered and got ejected from ringside by the referee.


Madi Wrenkowski pinned Mazzerati after an axe kick. 

The Renegade Twins (Robyn Renegade and Charlette Renegade) beat Viva Van and Kelsey Raegan when Charlette pinned Raegan after hitting her with a chain as Robyn distracted the referee. The twins got on the mic after and said they have no real competition. They said MPW keeps giving them “two randoms and calls them a tag team.” Madi Wrenkowski and Rache Chanel came out and the twins walked out of the ring. Holidead helped Chanel and Wrenkowski chase the twins back to the locker room. 

Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa beat La Rosa Negra by submission. After the match, Rosa gave an angry promo. She said she’s been hearing a lot negative comments the last few weeks with people saying she’s not a good wrestler and “just an indie wrestler.” She put over La Rosa Negra and KiLynn King (who was in the back) with their work ethics and said they deserve to be on TV. She said she created Mission Pro Wrestling to give women respect and an opportunity. She said people make negative comments but yet they still watch. She said at times she and the women in the back feel miserable because of the lack of respect. She said women aren’t staying silent and they’re not going anywhere. Holidead joined her and Negra in the ring and they hugged.