Prominence “Pre-Launch 1st” Results 1/16/22


Prominence “Pre-Launch 1st” from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Akihabara Talk Live BAR from scratch on 1/16/22 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

Risa Sera, Suzu Suzuki, Akane Fujita, Mochi Miyagi, and Kurumi Hiiragi all came out on stage to greet the crowd. (All of them left Ice Ribbon in December to form this hardcore unit and promotion). They were wearing tracksuits with the Prominence logo on them. The matches for this card were decided by a lottery draw. 

This is a unique set up like it’s an “underground vibe”. There is no ring. They’re wrestling on a black mat in a narrow area between a makeshift cage and the stage of the venue.

Mochi Miyagi pinned Suzu Suzuki on the stage after hitting her over the head with a poster board that had the Prominence logo on it in 6:41.

Akane Fujita went to a 10-minute time limit draw with Risa Sera. 

Risa Sera and Suzu Suzuki beat Mochi Miyagi and Akane Fujita when Suzuki pinned Miyagi with a German Suplex on the stage in 13:52.

They are scheduled to do more of these pre-launch events in February and March. The official launch will be on 4/24/22 at Shinkiba 1st Ring. Everything could change depending on the virus pandemic cases.