STARDOM Press Conference Reveals 1/29/22 Card


STARDOM held a live press conference today live on YouTube to announce the full card for the 1/29/22 Nagayo Supreme Fight 2022 show which will be held at Aichi Dolphin’s Arena. Here is the line up:

Ruaka vs. Rina in a pre-show match

Momo Kogho, Waka Tsukiyama, and Mai Sakurai vs. Fukigen Death, Starlight Kid, and Saki Kashima in a pre-show match. Momo Kogho will have her “assessment match” against Unagi Sayaka on the 1/23/22 show in Osaka. 

STARDOM executive producer Rossy Ogawa came out on the stage to do the contract signings for all the title matches on the card.

Future of STARDOM Champion Hanan vs. Lady C

Thekla vs. Mina Shirakawa for the vacant SWA Title. Syuri relinquished the title over the weekend because of winning the World of STARDOM Title in December. Shirakawa spoke in Japanese and English. Thekla most spoke in Japanese and some English. She is from Austria and speaks at five or six languages. I remember back in 2020, she said she was just in the middle of taking Japanese lessons. She spoke it incredibly well here today.

Momo Watanabe vs. Utami Hayshishita in a Grudge Match. Watanabe said Hayshishita is nothing now there she lost the World of STARDOM Title. She said she will destroy her and send her to hell.

The new Goddesses of STARDOM Champions Hazuki and Koguma vs. Maika and Himeka

Wonder of STARDOM Champion Saya Kamitani vs. Unagi Sayaka. 

Mayu Iwatani vs. Tam Nakano vs. Giuila in a Top Contenders 3-Way Match to determine the challengers for the World of STARDOM Title on the 3/26/22 and 3/27/22 shows both in Tokyo. The winner of the first fall leaves the match and secures the 3/26 title shot. The winner of the remaining two in the match gets the title shot on 3/27. 

World of STARDOM Champion Syuri vs. MIRAI