STARDOM Teases More Big Surprises


STARDOM released an interesting video on their social media today. 

New Wonder of STARDOM Champion Saya Kamitani is shown going into STARDOM executive producer Rossy Ogawa’s office without an appointment to see him. She asks him to book her in a match against Kota Ibushi. He responds by telling her to get out because he’s in a meeting with someone. The camera shows a mystery person sitting at Ogawa’s desk with their back turned. Kamitani sees who the person is and she leaves the office in shock.

A lot of fans are hoping the person is Kairi Hojo (aka Kairi Sane) who was always expected to make her return to STARDOM at some point after finishing with WWE. This is the 10th anniversary of her pro wrestling debut in STARDOM. She was one of their biggest stars in her time there from 2012-2017 winning the World Title, Wonder Title, Goddesses Tag Team Titles, and Artists Titles. She has remained close with Ogawa and other members of the company since she left to go to WWE in 2017.