Vixens Wrestling Revolution Debut Event Results 1/15/22


Vixens Wrestling Revolution “New Wave” results from Houston, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Houston Premier Arena on 1/15/22 on Title Match Network:

Jacob King came out to the ring to welcome the crowd. He said it’s the first all-women’s promotion in the Houston area. The group is rebranded from Renegade Wrestling Revolution. King said he doesn’t feel comfortable being the General Manager of a women’s promotion after being the RWR GM so he is handing the position over to someone else at the end of the night. Haley Danielle came out to accept the role.

Jacob King and Emily Taylor are the broadcast team. Taylor is also working as the ring announcer.

Black Widow went to a double count out brawl with Claudia Solis.

Mystii Marks pinned Amaris Blair after a face plant into the mat. 

Jazmin Allure beat Leila Grey with a grounded trapped head and arm submission hold.

Rache Chanel pinned Delilah Doom after her front leg sweep finisher. VWR will be introducing a new title next month called the VWR Genesis Title. King said on commentary that the winner of this match would be involved in deciding the inaugural champion.

Amber Rodriguez pinned Mia Friday after an unprettier finisher she calls The Botched. This was a #1 con. match for the Vixens Title currently held by Nyla Rose (the title carried over here to VWR from Renegade Wrestling Revolution). Rodriguez’s original opponent was supposed to be Alejandra Lion. She demanded to be declared the winner and #1 con. by default. King got on the mic and said he’s still GM until the end of the show and he brought out Friday as her new opponent.

Rachell Rose pinned Laynie Luck after the Off With Her Head finisher. They showed each other respect afterwards.

Jacob King went back to the ring to say his final farewell as GM. He thanked the crowd for coming out and supporting them. He said it’s just the beginning of a new era. He announced Masha Slamovich, AQA, and Hollyhood Haley J for the next show. Raychell  Rose came back to the ring and interrupted him. She said she wants a match against Hollyhood. He said it won’t happen because he’s trying to protect Rose from herself because she’s not as good as she thinks she is. Rose super kicked him after those comments. Haley Danielle then came out to check on King. Rose asked Danielle to make the match against Hollyhood Haley J since she is the new GM now. Danielle sternly told her that she would think about it. Rose stormed off to the back as the show ended.

The next show is called “Tainted Love” on 2/25/22 and it will take place at Booker T’s World Gym Arena in Texas City, Texas. Raychell Rose, Jazmin Allure, Amber Rodriguez, Mia Friday, and Mazzerati have also been announced for it. Tickets are available here: