Wrestling Open Ep. 4 Results 1/27/22


Wrestling Open episode four results from Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 🇺🇸 at White Eagle on 1/27/22 live on IWTV:

Paul Crockett and Denver Colorado are the broadcast team. All match time limits are 10 minutes except for the main event which is 20 minutes.

Rex Lawless pinned Karol Vice after a face plant finisher. Ring announcer Rich Palladino said the time of the fall was 4:17.

Damyan Tangra pinned Blaxstrom in 4:27.

Members Only did an interview. They said they’re tired of being overlooked so they’re going take over.

The Haven came out to do an interview next. They said they keep coming back because of the love from the fans. They said with each loss they get better and learn to not make the same mistakes.

Sammy Diaz and Elijah Six (Members Only) beat The Haven (Jay Onyx and Shawn Knyte) when Diaz pinned Knyte after a double team finisher in 5:26.

Little Mean Kathleen pinned Riley Shepard in 5:25.

Love, Doug pinned Pedro Dones after a lariat in 4:57.

Ray Jaz pinned CPA with a cradle power bomb in 4:10.

Edith Surreal pinned Kennedi Copeland after the Melon Baller in 5:26. This was a WWR+ Showcase Match. WWR+ will have a live show on SuperBowl Sunday on IWTV at 2pm EST.

Teddy Goodz pinned Antonio Zambrano after a running backpack stunner in 3:28.

Sidney Bakabella came out to the ring again to bring out Channing Thomas for a segment. Bakabella kicked Colorado out of the color commentary spot briefly to put Thomas over for the IWTV viewers. He then cut a real quick promo in the ring with the usual “See You Next Thursday!” Another week with Thomas showcased as a big deal yet not having a match. Bakabella comes out to “Heaven Needed A Champion” as his theme song. It was the tribute song for David Von Erich after his death in 1984.

Megan Bayne pinned Kevin Giza after the Tombstone Piledriver in 6:12. 

Kylon King pinned Fancy Ryan Clancy after flying crossbody in 5:22. King was interviewed after the match. He was accompanied by Dustin Waller who is out of action with a broken foot. They called out the Shook Crew (Bobby Orlando and Bryce Donovan) for costing them matches and injuries.

JCruz and Victor Chase went to a No Contest with Midas Black and Jay Lyon in 6:31 when all four uncontrollably brawled with each other and didn’t listen to the referee’s instructions.

Ichiban pinned Bobby Orlando with an inside cradle in 12:27 when Orlando tried to go for a brain buster. After the match, Orlando said he will bring Bryce Donovan next week as his partner to take on Ichiban and any partner.