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AAA At WrestleCon Results 3/31/22: Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett Attack!

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STARDOM "World Climax 2022 ~The Top~" Results 3/27/22: KAIRI vs. Starlight Kid

ECWA 26th Annual Super 8 Tournament Results 3/26/22

STARDOM "World Climax 2022 - The Best" Results 3/26/22: KAIRI Returns To STARDOM Action, Title Change!

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Results 3/26/22: Nodoka Tenma Retires

Progress Wrestling "Chapter 131: 10th Anniversary Show!" Results 3/25/22: Title Change

Progress Wrestling “Roy Johnson’s Everything Patterned: London” Results 3/23/22

GCW Results From The Roxy On 3/24/22

Colega Pro Wrestling Results 3/24/22

Pro Wrestling NOAH “Just Fine! 2022” Results 3/24/22

GLEAT "G Pro-Wrestling Ver. 20" Results 3/23/22: Nanae Takahashi Appears!

P.P.P. Tokyo “The Ecstasy Carnival” Results 3/22/22

Progress Wrestling “Who Run The World?” Results 3/22/22: Three Titles Defended

Marvelous Pro Results 3/22/22: AAAW Tag League Action

PURE-J Results 3/21/22: Madeleine’s 200th Match

Diana “Diana Amista vol. 5” Results 3/20/22: Madeleine’s 199th Match

Korakuen Hall 60th Anniversary "Women's Pro Wrestling Dream Festival" Card

All Japan Pro Wrestling "Champions Night 3 - 50th Anniversary Tour" Results 3/21/22

STARDOM Results 3/20/22 & 3/21/22, Syuri Is Bringing In A Bodyguard

Jersey Champion Wrestling “JCW March Madnezz” Results 3/20/22: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Billie Starkz

WWR+ “The (Littlest and) Meanest Of Times” Results 3/20/22

Progress Wrestling Chapter 130 Results 3/20/22: ROH World Title vs. Progress World Title Match

Ice Ribbon Results 3/20/22: Hikaru Shida And Tsukasa Fujimoto Reunite!

WrestlePro “Rock and Roll Forever” Results 3/19/22: Rock N’ Roll Express and Barry Horowitz In Action

Assemble “Women’s Pro-Wrestling Assemble In Sagamiko Resort” Results 3/19/22

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling “Grand Princess ‘22” Results 3/19/22: Title Change, Hikaru Shida vs. Hikari Noa