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Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling “Spring Tour ‘22” Results 4/24/22

Warrior Wrestling 21 Results 4/23/22: Thunder Rosa Relinquishes Women’s Title, New Champion Crowned

EVE “Global Women Strike 3” Results 4/23/22: Shoko Nakajima, Emi Sakura, & More In Action

STARDOM “Cinderella Tournament 2022” 2nd Round Results 4/17/22

New Women's Promotion Debuting On 5/21/22 With A Huge Lineup

Raw Wedding Party Attendees

Extras On Tonight’s Raw In Buffalo

Progress Wrestling "Chapter 133" Results 4/18/22: Atlas Tournament Finals

SHINE 72 Results 4/17/22: Title Change!

WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event Results 4/16/22: Cody Rhodes Houseshow Return

Tokyo Joshi Pro Results 4/17/22: Marika Kobashi Graduates

Mission Pro Wrestling “Living On The Edge” Results 4/16/22

New Japan Pro Wrestling & All Japan Pro Wrestling 50th Anniversary Results 4/16/22

West Coast Pro “Game Related” Results 4/15/22: Debbie Malenko vs. Masha Slamovich, Fatu vs. Bandido, Minoru Suzuki, Yuji Nagata, And More!

Melbourne City Wrestling “Vendetta” Results 4/9/22: Title Change!

Women's Wrestling Dream Festival Korakuen Hall 60th Results 4/15/22

Joshi Sun-Times Notes: KAIRI's Good Deed, Hana Kimura Memorial, Kizuna Tanaka

Sendai Girls Results 4/14/22

Japanese Wrestling Entertainment Results 4/13/22

All Japan Pro Wrestling "Champion Carnival 2022" Results 4/13/22

SEAdLINNNG Results 4/13/22

WWE Raw Detroit Dark Match

Indie Stars At Bachelorette Party On Raw In Detroit

WWE Main Event From Detroit Results 4/11/22

Tokyo Joshi Pro “Inspiration” Results 4/10/22: Marika Kobashi and Abdullah Kobayashi vs. SAKI and Antonio Honda

All Japan Pro Wrestling "Champion Carnival 2022" Results (Day 3) 4/11/22

STARDOM Results 4/10/22: Two Cinderella Tournament Matches

All Japan Pro Wrestling "Champion Carnival 2022" Day 2 Results 4/10/22

ZERO1 20th & 21st Anniversary Show Results 4/10/22: Shinjiro Otani Injured In Main Event

XPW Wrestling “Killafornia” Death Match Tournament Results 4/9/22

All Japan Pro Wrestling "Champion Carnival 2022" Day 1 Results 4/9/22

STARDOM Results 4/9/22

Tokyo Joshi Pro “Still Incomplete ‘22” Results 4/9/22

New Dark Matches Announced For Raw Detroit, More Detroit Dates

VIP Wrestling “TexasMania” Results 4/3/22

CCW “Glory” Results 3/26/22: First Network Champion Crowned!

Cody Rhodes Wrestled Raw Dark Match

wXw 16 Carat Gold Revenge Results 4/2/22: Title Changes!

Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliance “GCWA Does Dallas” Results 4/2/22