Jersey Championship Wrestling vs. LA Fights Results 4/1/22

Jersey Championship Wrestling vs. LA Fights results from GCW The Collective in Dallas, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Fair Park on 4/1/22 live on FITE:

Slade, Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor, Janai Kai, Yoya, Edith Surreal, Bam Sullivan, and Brandon Kirk (Team JCW) beat Matt Vandagriff, Damien Drake, Bad Dude Tito, Ju Dizz, Titus Alexander, Jordan Cruz, Lucas Riley, and Hunter Freeman (Team LA Fights) when Yoya pinned Drake after a brain buster.

Cole Radrick pinned Kevin Blackwood with the CrackerJack Bomb. JCW 2- LA Fights 0.

Jack Cartwheel pinned Alec Price after the corkscrew shooting star press. JCW 2- LA Fights 1.

Big Vin pinned Juicy Finau after a powerbomb out of the corner. JCW 3- LA Fights 1. 

Nick Wayne pinned Marcus Mathers after springboard cutter. JCW 3- LA Fights 2. 

Billie Starkz pinned Sandra Moone with a Dragon Suplex. They hugged afterwards and walked out together. JCW 4- LA Fights 2.

B-Boy pinned Grim Reefer after a DVD into a door sent up in the corner of the ring followed up by a brain buster. JCW 4- LA Fights 3.

Dark Sheik pinned Charles Mason with a driver. Mason brought out a long cord and wrapped it around Sheik’s throat and tried to hang her on the lighting fixture above the ring at the finish. The entire LA Fights roster made the save. JCW’s roster then stomped Mason. The rivalry ended in a 4-4 tie. There was no truce between the two brands and the rosters got into a big brawl to close the show.